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"These are the best coffees I have ever tasted. It is apparent that your company takes great care in what you do. The speed in which you deliver also shows that that your customer service is top of the line. Thanks!"

Shannon Marks
Brownsburg, Indiana

"I own an Espresso grinder but needed a regular grinder for non-espresso. I saw that you had a good price on a decent grinder with discounted coffee beans. I substituted organic espresso beans for the non espresso beans. The Espresso beans are excellent; rich tasting with a good crema. I will be buying them again from you."

Howard Fields
San Antonio, Texas

"We have been the beneficiaries of various whole bean coffees from friends over the last 6 months. We've had Starbucks and Caribou and PJ's. We recently reordered Specialty Java's organic sumatra after our months "cheating" on it with these other javas. What a relief to get back to organic sumatra. It is by far the most flavorful coffee of all we have tried. It stands up to milk or cream and retains its flavor. Keep up the excellent quality. We know we can't find better java - even if it's given to us!."

Colleen Gay
Northfield, Minnesota

"Wow, what great coffee. We are going to run out before we can order again and the thought of using other coffee is a downer. Seriously, this is the best coffee I've ever tasted. We want to order larger quantities but want to taste a couple of other beans before we land on the one we will do larger quantities with. Thanks for a great cup of coffee!"

James Smith
Garden Valley, Idaho

"Your coffee is fantastic. Best I've ever had and I feel great that it is organic. Prices are good too."

Tane Fasth
Pinehurst, North Carolina

"What is Starbucks???"

Larisa Scharikin
Sarasota, Florida

"Just had my first cup of your Sumatra Mandheling blend this morning. WOW. I no longer have to go to Starbucks for my Sumatra fix."

Dale Gilberson
Crystal Lake, Illinois

"I was exclusively a Starbucks espresso blend user. When I bought my new built-in machine the Starbucks tasted weak. Your Italian Espresso blend is excellent - full-bodied, not bitter - exactly what I was looking for."

Morrison Payne
Walterboro, South Carolina

"I am 100% satisfied. The coffee is wonderful and I greatly appreciate the quick service. Your coffee has me completely spoiled. I do not care to drink any other coffee. You must never go out of business!! Thanks Much"

Jan Rodman
Cologne, Minnesota

"I'm able to buy beans with a lower acid content so my husband can enjoy coffee again! It makes all the difference in the world buying fresh roasted beans! We never new coffee could taste so enjoyable. No more heartburn for him and fresh coffee every morning for us both! We are truely satisfied repeat customers!"

Nicki Enochs
Canton, Ohio

"I really, really, really like the TANZANIAN PEABERRY please keep it around."

Brian Brackeen
Ponder, Texas

"People in my office who had stopped drinking coffee because it upset their stomachs are happily sipping your coffee. We all held our breath waiting to see if they had a reaction, but no, they were able to enjoy your coffee with no rolaids needed. Our office is much happier thanks to you!!!"

Maureen Melcher
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

"This is the best coffee I tried since I come to US. Thank you!

Valentin Filin
Everett, Washington

"All I can say is WOW, I am hooked. I will never drink anything but YOUR organic coffee. Thank you"

Manuel Suarez
Imperial, California

"this is the best coffee I have found anywhere...tell all my friends about it..never bitter,,,always so fresh..after buying and using coffee from you, I find others, especially coffee shop coffee too bitter to drink. As i have discovered, if a bag of coffee has a "best if used by date", then that is a WORST case time, this coffee you buy in stores can be up to a year old when buying. never the case with coffee from you..all my friends come by my house just to drink my coffee. THANK YOU!!!"

Montfort Jones
Jackson, Mississippi

"Great service. Nice blends."

Sharon Svarny-Livingston
Unalaska, Alaska

"Wow! Thanks John for the reply. And for me, it is not often that I feel as though I am getting personal attention as a customer. That means a lot to me. I know the history of coffee and tell it to anyone that shows an interest. Most people are really unaware of the impact that spices and coffee etc. have had in the direction of world economies, growth of nations and regions. Bach’s “Coffee Cantata” as a political statement of the times is just one example. Thanks again and I do look forward to doing more business with your enterprise. Excellent coffee and will try other beans next time. I seem to get a blank stare from folgers drinkers when I talk about fresh roasted and freshly ground taste. They have no clue. I have literally yelled "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" more than once and have brought a few people to their senses. Thanks for your passion for a good cup of Joe! :) Happy Thanksgiving ..."

Glen Miller
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"I love your products. Family coffee lovers will enjoy this holiday season. Just tried the rockin java. It's so nice to get such a wonderful product like this one. I live in an area where it is difficult to get any good coffee. Your products never disappoint me and I will re-order again and again. Thanks, man!"

William Lefstad
Mio, Michigan

"The Kenya AA decaf is great! We've been enjoying Kenya AA decaf for years and yours is at the top of the list. It has such a rich taste that no one knows it's decaf unless I tell them..."

Christina Mahoney
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"The lightness of the ground beans fills my Bialetti higher, floats in the first 2 splashes in the Melitta. And the flavor of all 3 types (NY.NY.Decaf, Tanzanian Peaberry, Espresso Italiano) had a softness and a depth which was surprising, wonderful, almost redefining what "coffee" means. Thank you."

John Hay
New Haven, Connecticut

"I'm very happy with the quality of the two products I ordered. I intend to order again and I look forward to trying some of your other roasts."

Jay Ciaffa
Spokane, Washington

"I like the Java Estate for its low acidity and smooth taste. I shared the coffee with a co-worker, who likes it also. I've given your website to him. You might get a new customer."

Cheri Wang
Salinas, California

"I bought a new Brahn coffee maker and bean grinder. A bit of trial an error in trying to achieve the right flavor/strength, however getting better. I would like to complement your coffee varieties. I purchased several types in 2oz to try. Purchased a 16oz of the NY-NY blend and really like it."

Danny Brooks
Albany, Georgia

"I ordered the free coffee with the grinder special and was pleasantly surprised at how well the grinder worked. I really wasn't expecting much but it is a great little grinder for the money and the coffee is fabulous!"

Patricia Huld
West Linn, Oregon

"Your coffee rocks. Since discovering SpecialtyJava I have not found another coffee roast that comes close to the fresh flavor of your coffee's. I'm hooked."

Michael Chandler
Buchanan, Georgia

"Thanks for all that you do!!! You guys are great. Keep up the good work."

Jason Meyer
Sioux City, Iowa

"Thanks so much for answering all of my questions before I placed my order! What great customer service...and I was really excited that they were answered by the actual roast master. A definite first in my coffee ordering experience. I ordered the reg and decaf sample packs of Rock' N Java and New York New York since I'm a half caf drinker (I know, I know). I've had a hard time making great coffee at home but you've definitely won me over! Both were fantastic and I'll be placing another order soon."

Jan Bosch
Plymouth, Minnesota

"Just getting to know what my formula is going to be. First pot-Too strong. Second and third - close, but not quite. This is fun. I have been a traditionalist all my life and stepping out into the void experiencing the spectrum of new and exciting coffee flavors met with anticipation. I must confess however that at 68 years of age, don't you think it is about time? Thanks for the opportunity. I tried the French Roast first and it is nothing like a store bought can of poop, I'm looking forward to the other flavors/"

Donovan Elliott
League City, Texas

"bought this roast as a gift to bill and darla nutter who highly recommended you guys. It was fun and i'm sure we'll order again soon"

David Wilson
Shakopee, Minnesota

"I love being able to try the different kinds of coffee before buying a large amount. I love the freshness of the beans, and the packaging that that keeps them fresh."

Julie Pierce
Fillmore, Utah

"Whenever I go to South Dakota and stay at my friend Jonathon's place, he busts out the awesome coffee. He gets it from you. And it's so good that you should be honored by some sort of military tribunal."

Xopher Smith
Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Just had my first cup- it seems to be quite good,, I like the zip-lock bag that the beans came in, also. I look forward to trying the sample pack that came with my order. It looks like you really put forth a good effort, and I appreciate it as a customer. Affordability is especially important to me right now, and I think that you will save me a bit of money, as well. It gives every indication that it really was just roasted. Thank you."

Joe Zogorski
Kintnersville, Pennsylvania

"I sent an email about our first order not having the magnets talked about in the letter with the beans. I have not received a reply just ads from you all. We love the coffee and will be ordering more. If you want us to share the word help us...."

Harry Ayers
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"good coffee and very fast delivery. i'm pleased."

Nancy Dunham
Nashville, Tennessee

"All the coffees I ordered are wonderful, particularly the constant cravings. Like the name I constantly crave it. Thank you. I absolutely love your coffees. I will definitely be ordering again."

Peggie Larsen
Pierre, South Dakota

"I am absolutely wild about your Smooth Jazz. Without giving any secrets away, could you tell me what countries beans are represented in this product. Is is single origin or a blend. I am a customer and cannot get enough of Smooth Jazz. Thanks in advance."

Lou Dilts
Littleton, Colorado

"The Panama Boquete is very flavorful for a non dark roast, the Nicaraguan was okay, but not the flavor of the Panama Boquete. The Smoot Jazz sample I got was the best tasting coffee I've ever tasted in my life! I will be sure to get it on my next order."

Jerry Denton
Laurel Delaware

"Long time customer - great coffee at a good price!"

Nathan Thill
Lino Lakes, Minnesota

"We ordered the Espresso Authentico and the Espresso Italiano. We've only tried the Authentico so far. We are enjoying it and looking forward to trying the Italiano. We will probably be ordering again when we start running low."

Jean Cubero
Tampa, Florida

"The Harrar I recently received is simply amazing. I've recommended it to all my friends. I thoroughly appreciate the master roaster's comments for this coffee too. They are spot on! Thanks!"

Cindy Gustafson
Hernando Beach, Florida

"We are so satisfied with the beans we chose from your company. Thank you for the fresh roasted coffee. Finally, we have a reliable source. 2 Coffee Snobs"

Patricia Mullins
Jeffersonton, Virginia

"While the prompt response and ease of ordering are value features, the quality of the product supercedes all other aspects in my mind. The New York, New York type is very good, and I would definitely order it again. Our preference for our regular coffee is a strong, robust flavor just short of espresso (We travel in Europe, so we enjoy espresso also). Keep up the good work."

Carl Howard
Tucson, Arizona

"I am not a coffee connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination. I simply enjoy a good cup of coffee. My wife and I both tried New York New York and Smooth Jazz and thoroughly enjoyed both! We will be reordering soon. Thanks for providing a great product!"

Bill Stejskal
Fort Meyers, Florida

"Excellent coffee all around"

Christopher LaValle
Eagan, Minnesota

"Wow! Fast service. Just as the last beans were disappearing into the grinder the doorbell rings and there is the DHL person with my freshly roasted coffee. She said that smells good, is it coffee? Yes, and boy it got here fast considering I only ordered it Sunday and I had it sent ground. Your coffee is great, DHL is fast, I always try to use them. Keep up the good work and thanks for saving me from have to put on something other than U of U sweat pants (GO UTES) and drive down to Starbucks and buy some beans to tide me over. To be truthful my husband sends me to the local coffee drive thru since he at age 83 thinks Starbucks and Walmart want to take over the world and we should never shop there. Thanks again for saving the day."

Linda Fontenot
Salt Lake City, Utah

"I enjoyed the coffee. What a great way to give a gift to someone."

Kim Veldhuizen
Savage, Minnesota

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the Kenya AA coffee. I have a new burr grinder and it has enabled me really enjoy my coffee. I do both drip and french press."

John Alcorn
Angleton, Texas

"Wonderful espresso, fantastic flavor and crema. (Espresso Authentico) We knew right away we were going to love these beans because they were not too oily. So often Espresso beans are "greasy", and very difficult to persuade into the burr grinder that is built into our superautomatic machine. We are newbies, only had a superauotmatic for 7 months. We have been experimenting with countless number of gourmet espresso beans in all price ranges, this one has them all beat even the 45$ lb bags were put to shame! Fantastic flavor & aroma and the perfect non bitter aftertaste. So smooth, and creamy, husband is totally into latte', but I have really enjoyed this without the foam fix.."

Bill and Angela Turner
Yukon, Oklahoma

"We like the "dry" espresso beans that you have, like Lavazza, as opposed to the "oily" roasts as they do not clog our grinder and leave oils behind. We appreciate the highest quality beans and the very freshest roast. The zip lock feature on your bags is not working well for us. It is difficult to "re-zip." It would be nice to have a feature with a "real" zipper that pulls over more like the more expensive zip-lock bags...would be worth it to us. Thanks very much."

Kathryn Masaryk
Primghar, Iowa

"Making a cup of java to me deserves the same attention to detail as you'd give to anything else --the freshest ingredients, taking your time, knowing and understanding your ingredients. Seems foolish to me to spend your time and hard earned money on something you don't really enjoy. I'd rather have a little of something wonderful than a ton of something tolerable. Now I just need to hone my skills so as not to waste the wonderful bean, so then I can fully enjoy the reward waiting there in the cup. Wish me luck!"

Elaine Gould
Wilmington, Illinois

"Great coffee!"

Michael Riojas
Arlington, Texas

"Very nice service and product. I will be a repeat customer. Thanks, Rod."

Rodney Gabriel
Pagosa Springs, Colorado

"Great coffee....and I am proud to support a Minnesota business. I no longer live there, but I grew up there. Thanks."

Tom Richter
Plainfield, New Jersey

"This is my first order. The ordering and receiving process was smooth and on the projected time. The quality of the product was good. It was truly fresh as advertised. I started with an exotic coffee, Jamaican Blue. I look forward to further purchases as well as the forum to expand my coffee drinking pleasure. One thing that impressed me immediately was the professionalism of your website. I would like to see coffees with ratings, similar to that in wine ratings. It is fun to see how people rate certain coffees and then compare with ones own rating. Perhaps this is done and I haven't stumbled upon it yet. So far, I like what I have found."

Larry Lynn
Flowery Branch, Georgia

"I received my coffee on April 27. So far I have opened the Ethiopian and New York New York. Both coffees taste great!! I will be ordering more. Thanks."

Kim Kershaw
Memphis, Tennessee

Constant Cravings Blend: "This is a very drinkable, dark-roasted coffee. It seems to mellow a bit after the first few sips. The ending is quite smooth, with no aftertaste. This coffee is great by itself, but would also lend itself well to various coffee "drinks". Service has been exemplary since I became a customer. All orders have been accurate and very promptly delivered. Well done."

Nila Slaughter
Vienna, Virginia

Constant Cravings Blend: "Big, bold, rich, smoky, smooth, INCREDIBLE FLAVOR! Heavenly Aroma. Congratulations the "name" says it all. Upon opening the bag (which contained our usual "espresso authentico" & "sumatran") The aroma of the "constant cravings" is so desirable and intense, my wife responded by saying, "It makes me want a cup of coffee" (she is a total espresso drinker) and that at 4 'o' clock in the afternoon. Being one who enjoys the strong, dark beans, this blend is delightful. No, more than delightful, it is actually the only other sample I've tried that I would buy. I liked the smooth jazz a lot, but this is the best yet. I am continually astounded in the delivery time and service. How I can order it one day, and 24 hours later, from MN to GA it be in my hand? Amazing. Since finding you almost a year ago, we have bought no where else! Mega Kudo's and Jumbo Booyah's - I give it a 90 on the cupping form score."

Eddie Rogers
Kennesaw, Georgia

"I ordered a lot of different coffee and all of them are DELICIOUS !!!"

Sybille Ziegler
Rockaway Park, New York

"Your coffee is great! Thank you!"

Michael Morales
Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Thanks for the beans, we love the change. Will be exploring new beans from around the world, at one stop. easy to order and fast delivery."

Redgy Boyer
Redding, California

"Great Coffee..."

David Raymer
El Lago, Texas

"Your coffee is wonderful and the service was very speedy. I am enjoying and telling other people about you. thanks for the follow up."

Mary Ann Keesecker
Greenleaf, Kansas

"Hi! Wow - I can't believe what a difference a burr grinder can make in someone's life. :) It's Great! Thank you for the recommendation. My Mom is just as excited. Delicious!"

Jeff and Tracy Boutin
Minnetonka, Minnesota

"Extraordinary Quality! Exceptional Service! Excellent Value! Thank you!"

Gregory Priest
Scottsdale, Arizona

"We love every kind that we have tried! I have recommended you to many friends!"

Jennie Dinneen
Rochester, Minnesota

"excellent coffee and wonderfully informed phone conversations. .and an excellent grinder at a good price."

Fred Preston
Las Vegas, Nevada

"My husband LOVES the New York New York! I ordered the espresso and I can tell it is not bitter but I am still in the early stages of espresso making and just haven't quite got the knack yet. I think I check out the forum and see if I can get some suggestions. Delivery was fast and ordering was easy. Thank you!"

Laura Lutzow
Nampa, Idaho

"this is the best coffee ever. the aroma is incredible. thank you again."

Ryan Jorgensen
Harbor City, California

"This is the first bag of Smooth Jazz I've ordered. It is wonderful and I am very pleased with the coffee. I do believe that I prefer the coffee from Guatemala even better. I'm not completely sure why, but my first instinct is that the Guatemalan is a bit toward the mild side, yet maintains a lot of flavor. Still, I would order Smooth Jazz again anytime."

Charley Cameron
Haughton, Louisiana

"We are going through the sample pkg blends now. Up to now, they have all been smooth (no bitterness) & flavorful. Once we get through them all, we will place an order. Thanks."

Frank Hathaway
West Seneca, New York

"I find myself comparing you to my other sources shown above as well as Sweet Maria's, Terroir, and Stumptown. So far so good. Especially when price is considered. I guess i expect their coffee to be better since it is more expensive. It is all fresh roasted just like yours. Maybe it is just that their websites provide elaborate descriptions of their sources, roasting process, and travels around the world. No wonder their coffee is more expensive."

Ed O'Connor
Burnsville, Minnesota

"Just thought I would let you know that I changed my grinder setting on your coffee and wow it really woke the coffee up very pleased after I did that. Thanks."

Vic Ray
Colorado Springs, Colorado

"Fast delivery, smell the coffee for miles. If your haven't tried Organic Rainforest Rhythms you are in for a real treat. This coffee wakes up your tastes buds, smooth, flavorful, wonderful. Will continue to purchase my coffee from Specialty Java."

Theresa Dillon
Hawthorne, Nevada

"Love the information and fresh coffee. Plan on buying much more. Looking forward to the java club forum... ie specials and information."

Gelsino Volpe
Sterling Heights, Michigan

"I am pleased with the coffee and the price. Very good service! I'll order from you again."

Don Lambert
Maplewood, New Jersey

"The coffee is great. It definitely has a great flavor, lots of crema. I will definitely order some more. Shipping worked fine, the whole order process was smooth. I will look to the e-newsletter for additional information and hopefully discounts! Thanks very much."

Mark Mongiat
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

"Received your coffee...was very fresh and quickly shipped...thanks..will order again from you..."Extraordinary Quality! Exceptional Service! Excellent Value! Thank you"

Montfort Jones
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

"Excellent product, and I loved the fast and free,( my favorite price) shipping!"

Paul Wolfe
Potosi, Wisconsin

"So far I'm very satisfied with your coffee and service. I am still working my way through the various samples I ordered while I am trying to optimize the settings on a new coffee maker I received as a gift (Capresso Team Luxe)."

Randall Nelson
Pompano Beach, Florida

"Helpppp! ever since my Uncle came over for coffee and tasted your Espresso Allegro, he now comes over for coffee NOT once but 3 times a week!!! he is hooked as bad as I am!! Me and my Espresso Allegro forever in love :)

Dora Agosto
Round Lake, Illinois

"The coffee is great, and very quick to my door. Very fresh and the packaging is smart."

Kevin Delaney
Brookline, Massachusetts

"Wow, what a great cup of coffee! The first morning our kitchen smelled like a coffee shop. What a great way to start the day! We purchased Smooth Jazz and French Vanilla and we love both of them. Our son told us about your coffee and are we ever glad he did! Thanks for a great product and excellent service."

Rebecca Leopold
Freeport, Illinois

"I live in Hawaii and the order came really fast and fresh roasted.

Kevin Busscher
Honolulu, Hawaii

"I found beans to be very fresh and the descriptions on web site to be very accurate. Order was processed and delivered quickly. I would gladly recommend to my friends. Thanks for a great cup of java.

Richard Sanford
Hemet, California

"The Kenya AA is the first sample I have tried from you. The smell of the beans when I opened the bag was incredible. For me, part of the enjoyment of coffee is in the smell; Kenya AA delivered. I was also very impressed by the taste. It was strong enough for me to enjoy, but mild enough not to be bitter with a bite. I plan to order more.

Jimmy Hazlett
Stanford, Kentucky

"My sincerest thank you and please know this means a great deal. This is a gift to a soldier serving in Iraq and I think of her often. She goes on convoys carrying food, water and educational supplies to the Iraqi people and from time to time comes under fire and IED attacks. She tells me that the chow hall coffee is terrible and she actually looks forward to getting up in the morning when she can look forward to a cup of your coffee! Thank you for supporting the military address and customs forms required to send her your great coffee."

Michael Filkins
Mount Vernon, Iowa

"Excellent coffee! I plan on being a return customer."

Brad Brown
Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

"We would like to see more varieties available in dark roast for drip coffee makers! Love your coffee!

Carolyn Davis
Paso Robles, California

"Great, fresh coffee. Excellent selection too."

Brice Graziana
Lakeland, Tennessee

"After drinking this wonderful coffee, I wouldn't consider putting anything else in the cupboard. Thank you for the delicious coffee and the wonderful delivery."

Janice Zeller
Hastings, Minnesota


Linda Reed
Hutchinson, Minnesota

"It's great having truly fresh coffee in the morning. I'm so glad I found you on the web!"

Angela McMahon
Grosse Ile, Michigan

"Excellent coffee; very fresh; great flavor! We'll order again! I like that I can support a business from the surrounding area."

Jennifer Hauser
Hutchinson, Minnesota

"Your coffee was absolutely fabulous! I am now a loyal customer. It was wonderful to be able to try samples of so many varieties. Each one was so rich, ultra flavorful and fresh! I am hooked! My favorite so far is the Ethiopian Yergacheffe."

Kris James
Waconia, Minnesota

"I have been buying my coffee beans through a co-op I belong to. I thought the prices were a bit high, but I also thought that the quality of coffee was very good. After I tried a few of your beans and blends, honestly, there is no comparison!! I felt that I would finish the five pound bag of coffee that I ordered before from the co-op just to use it up but honestly, the good taste of your blends stayed in my memory and I was sooooo glad to use the last of my old coffee up and today I pick up the Specialty Java blend, (Yea)...and will always buy from you from now on!! Thanks for the best coffee!!"

Maggie Prehall
Shorewood, Minnesota

"Not only was your product well packaged , it arrived very fast. Great job and great customer service will put SpecialtyJava ahead of the others on my favorites list. Thanks again and keep up the good work."

Chad Jergins
Bogue Chitto, Mississippi

"Excellent taste and aroma, you can really taste the freshness!!"

Bob Abraham
St. Clair, Michigan

"I am on limited caffeine intake and found that combining the New York reg. and the New York decaf. was an excellent blend that meets my needs!!! I will recommend your coffee to others in our rural area (we are limited in access to fresh coffee beans in this part of SW Virginia. Thanks."

ME Watts
Crockett, Virginia

"Love the New York New York"

Rick Crandell
Bartonville, Illinois

"Made me realize that I seldom if ever taste fresh roasted coffee beans. Excellent aroma and taste."

W. Scott Temple
Waterbury, Connecticut

"I just brewed a pot of your Kenya AA in my vacuum pot and I will never buy anywhere else ever again. Fantastic!"

Matthew Van Lith

"I have just one thing to say to you after making a pot of your Kenya AA.........................................OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! No More Caribou For Me!!!!!!!!!!!.......You Folks ROCK!" I just got my shipment of the Espresso Italiano. I opened the bag, sniffed the contents and it was as if the essence of heaven had been released upon my senses. I actually gasped! Then I pulled my morning double shot. The thick syrupy golden liquid danced across my tongue like that of a ballroom dancer gliding gracefully and across the floor. Then it was gone. Oh, this can't be the end I thought, I had another and was in heaven once more. THANK YOU!

John Kidd
Waite Park, Minnesota

"I am hooked on the coffee I got. It is delicious. My morning coffee is preferred iced, and this imparts a strong flavor that is clear even when iced."

Janis Zeller
Hastings, Minnesota

"The greatest coffee I have had. I have recomended it to everyone I know. I loved how fast I got the order."

Julie Gripp
Sherman, Texas

"Thank you for the fast shipping. We love the coffee !! It makes the house smell great too."

Karol Kenall
Ellsworth, Wisconsin

"I am very impressed with the service I received. I had questions on the order and the responses was immediate. I love the fact that the coffee is roasted and shipped on the same day. This is very important to me and I know I will be ordering again. My coffee was roasted on a Monday and I received it on Wednesday. I ordered Yauco Selecto and it is excellent as I have read so much about it.

Diane Honzik
Spring Grove, Illinois

"These are some of the best coffee beans available on the planet ! The bean quality and roasting is top notch ! Highest quality beans / Fresh roasting / Fast shipping = Excellent Coffee"

Pat Devine
Lynnwood, Washington

"I tried the Jamaican Blue Mountain and it is very good. Every one who tried it said it was very tasteful and had a lot of body to it."

Florence Munsey
Totowa, New Jersey

"We absolutely LOVE your coffee! Previously we were mostly Starbucks, Caribou, Dunn brother's customers...but not any longer!!! We notice a huge difference in the flavor - the freshness is so obvious! We loved the Rock' N Java and re-ordered that, but will try others and no doubt find other coffee's we will love! The shipping right to our door is AWESOME!! It can't get any more convenient! Your prices are wonderful too! We have been referring you to other friends and family! Thanks so much!

Brenda Fischer
 Minnetonka, Minnesota

"Specialty Java has the best coffee beans I've ever tasted! I love the JavaClub Forum newsletter. Easy ordering and fresh roasted wholesale coffee delivered to my door! It's great!"

Shelley Snyder
 Tampa, Florida

"I would personally like to thank Specialty Java for having the best coffee around town and on top of that to provide such great service. My grandmother helped raise me and she let me start drinking a little coffee at an early age. As an adult I now love to get my mornings started with a good hot cup of coffee. Thank you Specialty Java for helping my days get off to a good start."

Larry Graham
Graham Central Station
Chanhassen, Minnesota

Coffee Reviews
(2000+ Specialty Java Reviews)
(5000+ Jo Coffee Reviews)

"We discovered Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee on a trip to Jamaica 20 years ago but never afforded ourself the luxury of purchase here in the states due to the cost. I purchased this coffee from Specialty Java to celebrate a 29th Anniversary because your cost, freshness, delivery were unbeatable and I will highly recommend you to other "Coffee Snobs" like ourselves."

Becky McIndoo
Phoenix, Arizona

"I drank my first cup of the ordered coffee. I must say it was delicious. I also like the fact that my purchase goes towards FAIR TRADE for the farmers."

Sharon Robinson
Chicago, Illinois

"We got the espresso machine a few months back and have been getting Starbucks but wanted organic which they do not have organic decaf espresso beans. You guys do and at a great price! Plus your website is so helpful seeing as how we are starting to learn about the espresso experience. So we tried a straight shot of Starbucks versus your organic decaf espresso. I'm pretty sure angels were singing. What I noticed was that Starbucks was very bitter and had a horrible bite. Yours was very smooth and rich. I never really noticed before because I also drink the espresso as a soy latte. Now my lattes are fabulous and I always look forward to the weekends because then I have time to have two instead of one. I will never buy anything else. Thank you so much."

Jennifer Budd
El Cajon, California

"I like that I could get whole bean samples at a reasonable price. Other coffee web sites didn't offer whole bean samples or you had to buy a package deal that was coffee that I didn't want. So far the coffee that you sent me I like. I've tried 3 of the 5 samples."

Gary Dibble
Toledo, Ohio

"Your coffee is wonderful! As stated on the site, it was roasted and shipped quickly. I am extremely pleased with your product and plan to order again in the future."

Jill Fleming
Lantana, Texas


Gerald Schreier
Onalaska, Washington

"This is the best coffee I have had in a long time. I brew my coffee one cup at a time with a manual drip cone and I find myself having an second cup after work in the afternoon because it tastes so great. I don't need fancy packaging or cute names for my coffee. An accurate description, fresh roasting, fair price and fast shipping is what need and what I get from you."

Sally Stanquist
Saint Louis, Missouri

"I really enjoy your coffee. Previously I drank Starbucks, but with your coffee, I don't have to put sugar in my coffee. Its great! The flavor is much better and it doesn't leave a bitter aftertaste in my mouth."

Renae Petersen
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

"Fantastic Roast to Order French Roast coffee. Way deeper, richer flavor than Starbucks or Trader Joes. Specialty Java coffee (french roast) will be hard to beat in the world finals. Keep up the outstanding work. Thanks again."

Paul Thornton
Torrance, California

"awesome stuff!! send magnet friends don't let friends drink folger's if you have a couple extra. i'm sending two of these bags to friends who i'm sure will become longtime customers in the near future. thanks!"

Michael Bohl
San Antonio, Texas

"I tasted your coffee at my sister's house recently and was very impressed with the flavor so I decided to order some for my home. This first order has exceeded my expectations! I am amazed at how much better the coffee tastes for approximately the same price as my local supermarket's "gourmet blend". I will be ordering more when this current batch is gone. I have already spread the word to a half a dozen friends who are coffee enthusiasts."

Ed Martel
Northridge, California

"Always the best . . !"

Ronald Fritz
Roscommon, Michigan

"This was some of the best coffee I have ever purchased. When it arrived and I opened the box, my house was filled with the wonderful aroma. The coffee was easy to purchase, shipped fast and has been a joy. I almost can't wait until I run out so I can purchase more. Thank you"

Dan Barone
Exton, Pennsylvania

"I love your coffee! Thank you so much. I will have to brew it for an after book study treat and then you'll have the Brainerd hall hooked too :) I just purchased a couple bags from you and brought them as gifts to friends I stayed with in Austin TX and it was like I was delivering GOLD to them...any morning they start with your blends they call 'A Minnesota Morning"...its great!"

Stephanie Reinke
Baxter, Minnesota

"Your coffee makes my day, everyday! Excellent selection, great experience in tasting varieties normally not available at stores. My last purchase of the Hawaiian Kona was absolute hit, that coffee is simply amazing, not comparable to anything else I have tried so far"

Adam Bistram
Corona, California

"Excellent coffee, great crema. We are very happy with your product! Shipping took a little longer we'd like but coming all this way (we are above the Arctic Circle) is not unusual."

Jenny Roetman
Kotzebue, Alaska

"I ordered the first package of moca jova and was pleasingly surprised. I am very happy I located this website. This is the BEST coffee I have ever had.....incredible. I will recommend to all my friends."

Judy Peeples
Kansas City, Missouri

"My daughter was a barista during her college years at a locally owned (not a chain) coffee shop that buys and roasts there beans. That's when I became a spoiled rotten coffee drinker. The problem is, there beans can run up to $25 dollars a pound. After just one purchase I am totally sold on you guys. I've tried two other online companies but you're beans are the freshest I've found and I'm done searching. I look forward to trying several of your varieties and with time becoming one of your loyal costumers."

Charles House
Topeka, Kansas

"Keep up the good work....I'm soooo happy to have found you. I no longer will buy coffee in the can at the grocery store ~ I'm telling my friends how wonderful the coffee is and now I must admit, I'm spoiled ~ yipee!!"

Karen Milligan
Caliente, California

"Been buying my blend in Hawaii and live in Iowa. I now will be buying my blend from Minnesota! I have 3 samples and tried one,,NYNY and I am already sold! What a wonderful roast, I have tried hundreds of blends/roasters and this is tops! Can't wait to try the other 2! Shipping is second to none and as fresh as if I roasted the beans myself. You have a new client!!"

Dallas Glassinger
West Des Moines, Iowa

"We just had our first pot of Constant Cravings -- GOOD COFFEE - not bitter - no poor aftertaste -- I like the bags - all 14 oz , but seemed to be different amounts in some. Do you grind any ? GOOD service -- Quick -- fast e-mail replies !!!! Thanks John !!!!"

Bruce Brown
Madison, Virginia

"Excellent product, service, and price.. Thank you"

Dean Emerson
Oak Point, Texas

"I received my coffee order within 4 days, that was a surprise after my last order from a different company took 2 weeks! The coffee smelled heavenly and the taste is wonderful, it helped to have a description by each coffee. Many thanks!"

Karen Attansaio
Culpepper, Virginia

"Awesome coffee " I'll be back"

Nick Korniotes
Marstons Mills, Massachusetts

"We order from you on a regular basis. Your coffee is the finest out there for mail order. Great tasting, fast delivery, wait to roast, and amazingly clear website. Even the magnets are a kick!!! Make new saying for magnets. We want to collect more."

RoJeune Monroe
Monte Vista, Colorado

"We sent coffee as a gift. They said they went to their mailbox to find it permeated with the smell of coffee and that they had gotten a letter from the church and it smelled wonderful and they thought they had sprayed it with something special because it smelled like coffee. They then saw the package of coffee. They said it smelled fresh. These particular people love coffee so much that they made a homemade coffee pot out of a coffee can and tuna cans in the bottom of the grand canyon so that they could make coffee over the campfire. So sending coffee in the mail was a wonderful gift to them. I really like that you have gift tags because every time they fix their coffee, they think of us. Thanks so much!!"

Wade and Shana Snider
Waco, Texas

"Your coffee has very good quality. I was stationed in Hawaii for 3 years and I enjoyed the taste of 100% Kona Coffee. Every since I was transferred to California I have not been able to find good Kona Coffee. Well while I am deployment I have to order my coffee through the internet. Normally I do not do that because I love good quality coffee. Well my Chief ordered from you and I think it is a very good quality coffee you produce. Thanks and I plan on ordering from you again."

Timothy Barbee
Port Hueneme, California

"The coffee was excellent. I cannot say enough about the quality, taste, and obvious care that goes into preparing coffee for your customers."

Jamie Tyson
Atlanta, Georgia

"I tried you're recipe for cold press with the Ethiopian Harrar and it's like drinking a mocha every morning without the chocolate. Smoothest ever!"

Meg Faller
Norfolk, Virginia

"We were WOW'd by the freshness compared to what we have been buying locally. This was alo our first opportunity to try the Ethiopian Yergacheffe - It is a fantastic coffee!"

Dale Shirico
Oviedo, Florida

"The coffee tastes good even though it is not as dark and shiny like I expect french roast to be. The beans aren't all the same color. Some dark some light. But it still taste good and robust. Just not like the real dark french roast I'm used to."

Dale Slyngstad
Stanwood, Washington

"We recently gave beans to our daughter in Key Largo and our son in Millis Mass. They are all new customers now. Also, our niece in Charleston SC heard us talk about the freshness of your beans and began using Specialty Java. We are all spoiled to any other source. Thank you for an excellent product that is consistently fresh!"

Patricia Mullens
Jeffersonton, Virginia

"I am so happy with the coffee I bought, it was excellent. I will have to recommend your coffee to pretty much everyone I know. Thanks again =)!!"

Laura Bundesen
Charleston, South Carolina

"I ordered a sample pack just to try it out. It was excellent. Far superior to what I have been using. I order by the month and need to use up my last months supply of Star***** before placing another order but I will be purchasing from specialtyjava from now on."

William Baker
Indianapolis, Indiana

"Freshest coffee beans I've ever received, I now know what I've been missing."

Bernard Vabolis
Crystal River, Florida

"The value of your coffee beans was a pleasant surprise.......however, the aroma and taste were amazing! I had been using a local supplier for my Kenya AAA coffee for a number of years and assumed that it was "as good as it gets".......wrong!! Very good taste, easy to order, quick delivery and good product value."

Dennis Bolinger
Roann, Indiana

"This has spoiled me forever. Have bought coffee beans @ some of my favorite coffee houses and it just wasn't the same. Now I know why...your coffee is FRESH and wonderful..... thanks have just ordered and received my 1st order can't wait to receive the e-newsletter."

Donna King
Grand Ledge, Michigan

"The coffee beans were excellent! Thank you!"

Jon Williams
Indianapolis, Indiana

"We love it. It is better than what was locally available, fresh roasted by a master roaster from green beans just down the street. We can't imagine life without your coffee."

Linda Wood
Jacksonville Beach, Florida

"Loved my first order. Smooth Jazz and New York New York are both awesome. Fast shipping and fresh coffee beans. Thank you for delicious coffee each and every morning."

Shannon Booher
Minneapolis, Minnesota

"I was not surprised to find the beans are NOT oily... perfectly roasted, IMHO. I grind in my Gaggia MDF at about 8, with a very light tamp in the portafilter. For the first time in quite a while, I am getting crema most of the time. I am very pleased with the coffee. The taste, balance, aroma, and aftertaste are all very good. The coffee beans arrived freshly roasted and in appropriate packaging. In total, I am happy that I stumbled upon Specialty Java and very glad that I took a chance and ordered my first of many bags of your coffee."

Steve Rosenzweig
Buffalo Grove, Illinois

"We have tried the New York and New York and love it! We have not opened the Sumatra yet I realize now that I ordered more than I should have, and will stagger them in the future to ensure the freshest beans. I was very impressed with ordering on your web site and the quick delivery. Thank you very much!”

Jennie Dinneen
Rochester, Minnesota

"I can only offer high marks and praise for your product. I could tell the beans were fresh roasted because I broke the 5 pound bag down into 1 pounders and vacuum sealed them. After a few days I went to open a new package and the vacuum was gone. A sure indication that the beans were fresh roasted because they were still releasing gases."

Arthur McLeran
Red Wing, Minnesota

"We are happy with the quality and freshness of the coffee. We live in a remote location and don't have many options for the type of coffee beans we like. Your coffee arrived very quickly, which we really appreciated. The taste is wonderful. We will buy coffee from you folks in the future."

Linda Morrison
Rock Springs, Wyoming

"As a new customer I was so thrilled by the freshness and quality of your coffee beans i gave it to my family members as part of their Xmas gift. They were faithful community coffee drinkers until they had the pleasure of experiencing your product. THANK YOU for making this family holiday so extra special !"

Lisa Booth
Shreveport, Louisiana

"We love your coffee beans! We have tried other companies on line...and you have been the best so far. The large package sizes are very convenient! I wish that we could receive more free samples...(just enough to 1 or 2 cups of coffee). I think that would increase sales....when you try new beans that you like through the tiny will end up ordering them most likely. At least we would. Thank you for your excellent service!! Have a great day!"

Gretchen Dekker
Gallup, New Mexico

"We were not disappointed when we received our New York, New York. coffee beans. Glad we found your website and made the first order, it is excellent quality taste, packaging, service.

Mark Gardner
Colona, Illinois

"I am in a position where, "praise should be given", where "praise is due!" Since I have found you guys, I have bought beans no where else! Your service, your commitment to your customers, goes beyond the call of duty! I am impressed...and I'm not easily impressed! I stand and applaud you!, Congratulations! you have a customer for life! Thanks again."

Eddie Rogers
Kennesaw, Georgia

"The coffee beans were wonderful, made a great cup of coffee - I liked the fact that you can get the 2oz packages of special blends for those of us who like that blend but can't afford it everyday. Great communications and fast service"

Jill Kaylor
Auburn, Indiana

"I was so excited to receive my first order that I had to refrain from hugging the Spee-Dee man! I am now sitting with a fresh cup of Smooth Jazz decaf and am absolutely thrilled. I feel as if I have found one of those elusive secrets of life. Surely heaven smells like fresh roasted coffee beans from Specialty Java. I will be a customer forever. Thank you!!!"

Julie Dally
Taylor's Falls, Minnesota

"I placed my first order for your coffee a long time ago and then stayed with Gevalia and once more tried store bought beans. I have since ended my Gevalia membership and have vowed never to buy store bought beans again! My second order arrived last week and I love it!"

Amy Franck
Belle Plaine, Minnesota

"Wow! I placed my order at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday and had the coffee beans in my hands before noon on Friday. That's truly outstanding for an out of state order! As the delivery man handed the package to me, he stated that he almost hesitated to let the order get out of his truck because it looked so good. I immediately made brewed a fresh cup - a little hesitant of ordering the dark roast beans, but the Smooth Jazz decaf was and is terrific. I'm looking forward to enjoying every cup and have already told friends about the quality and amazing service of your company. Thank you.

Ken Rensink
New Sharon, Iowa

"This is the first time I have ordered coffee beans to be roasted just for me. WOW! I am so enjoying my fresh roasted beans a mixture of French Roast and Mocha Java. I have had so much fun grinding enough beans so make several pots of coffee and taking them with me when I go to visit my best friend and the news office I just retired from. You should have heard the comments from my friends. They were so impressed (as I) they wanted to know all about purchasing fresh beans; how to where etc. Will I order again? You bet!! Thank you for being there when I wasn't able to fine Mocha Java on the store shelves anymore; that is why I made the choice to order through Now, you will be my supplier as I certainly enjoy my fresh roasted coffee each morning."

Barbara Arnold
Wideman, Arkansas

"I love being able to try the different kinds of coffee before buying a large amount. I love the freshness of the beans, and the packaging that that keeps them fresh."

Julie Pierce
Fillmore, Utah

"This is some of the best coffee around!!! I have designed and run coffee houses in the past and this stuff is amazing!!! Thanx!!!"

Benjamin Melby
Minneapolis, Minnesota

"I don't know much about coffee as I am a new drinker, but your prices, (compared to a grocery store) quality and convenience (being a Waconia resident) can't be beat."

Kristopher Sjodin
Waconia, Minnesota

"I was impressed with the delivery speed; roasted and sent out the same day. I liked the little write-up you had with each variety of bean."

Larry Vandersall
Sandusky, Ohio

"Very Easy! I don't order much online, but this was one case where it was worth the effort!"

Mike Starr
South Riding, Virginia

"For Christmas I ordered 1lb of NY NY and 1lb of Velvet Soul as a gift for a relative and the opening of gift they were overjoyed! The next morning they made Velvet Soul and everyone who tried it loved it. Thanks for making the freshest and best tasting coffee around. Move over Caribou."

Matt Reeve
Waconia, Minnesota

"Your NY blend was excellent and both were very fresh. Delivery was quick."

Charles Burmaster
Briarcliff, New York

"I am a beginner barista with a new Krups dual coffee/espresso maker. I love espresso drinks and your beans are very aromatic and tasty. I will be purchasing a variety of beans from you in the future."

Jeff Fritz
Fridley, Minnesota

"I received my order today and wanted to tell you that it is the greatest coffee I have ever had! I am very happy to have found your company and you can count on a very repeat customer."

Christa Gardner
Anchorage, Alaska

"Thank you for a wonderful alternative. With your fabulous selection of coffees, you make it easy to have a perfect cup (who are we kidding?) pot of coffee every morning."

Tricia Kastler
Powell, Tennessee

"Awesome french roast; so far we have tried only that. looking forward to trying the espressos."

Lisa Jensen
Columbia, Missouri

"THIS Harrar is what I've been looking for and the price was right too. I couldn't BE more satisfied."

Debra Terry
Lawrence, Kansas

"Recently received my DeLonghi Magnifica espresso-cappuccino maker and tried your Italian Espresso. This is as good as it gets. There is nothing finer... the crema, flavor and freshness is simply amazing. I would recommend this over Starbucks, Tullys and Peets all day long. You must try this coffee with a good machine like the DeLonghi or Jura Capresso. I'm sold and will never turn back. This is even better than the Illy espresso beans supplied with the machine. All I can say is "WOW" and "thank you" for your superior product and excellent service."

Gordon Stafford
Reno, Nevada

"It has a good aroma smells like coffee should taste. It has a med. body, I would like it a little stronger but over all I am happy with it. Your service is the BEST and I followed your email recommendation to try the Daystar Lights. Your coffee is the freshest keep up the great work!"

Jan Adam
Duck Key, Florida

"The Smooth Jazz is a winner. I shared with my daughter's family and son's family. They have both asked several times what the name of the blend is and the source and most recently when I will order some more."

James Evans
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

"I love the convenience of ordering just when I need it and not having it shipped to me automatically every so many weeks! Plus, I love the option of having this fresh roasted and sent directly to a friend or relative as a gift with the sentiment printed right on the front of the package! I love everything about your company!! The service it top notch, please keep up the good work. I truly appreciate knowing you're there when I need you!!!!!!!!!!"

Pamela Kowal
Calumet City, Illinois

"Very good coffee. Very distinctive varieties. It is so nice to drink really good coffee, but now I am spoiled and can't drink coffee at work or at most restaurants. Alas, the burdens we must bear!"

April Kersey
La Porte, Texas

"My favorite coffee is Sumatra. yours seems darker roast than any i have ever bought. i have not decided yet if i prefer yours. the blue mtn was incredible !!! so is the price ! lol"

Gary Fuller
Eclectic, Alabama

"It was easy to order for the first time and the product arrival was quick. I will be ordering again soon. Do you offer discounts for repeat customers? Thanks"

Cindy Torgerson
St. Michael, Minnesota

"Your New York blend coffee arrived by US mail just a few days after I ordered it. It smelled great and was nicely packaged. It makes a nice and smooth cup o joe and I am sipping it now as I type away. I especially liked the ability to choose between shippers. Thanks!"

Douglas Bart
Boothbay, Maine

"The New York New York is the only kind I have tried so far. It 's going to hard to try another kind. The New York is excellent! I have ordered twice and will order again. The first order I shared with my Mother-in-law.. The second order I had to split with my Mother-in-law. Great coffee! P.S.. The shipping was fast too!"

Kim Johnston
North Little Rock, Arkansas

"I am very impressed with your selection of decaf coffees. I purchased these as a gift and it makes for a fantastic gift with all the different flavors in the sample packages. I am very pleased!"

Erika Meyer
Chesapeake City, Maryland

"Love the idea that I know this stuff is FRESH - love the aroma you guys rock, and you can bet I will be a repeat customer Happy Holidays"

Janice Kisor
Troy, Missouri

"I keep telling my husband not to go anywhere near his stocking because the smell is a dead give-away! I on the other hand keep smelling his presents! lol! I think he is going to love it!"

Tosha Ziegman
Deer Park, Washington

"Excellent quality. We have already finished the Kona and are now starting on the French Roast. Very difficult to find good Kona at a good price."

Joan Steck
Avon, Minnesota

"The beans I ordered arrived very quickly. The roasted coffee beans arrived very fresh, the aroma of roasting still lingering on them. (For many years I was fortunate enough to live near a small batch roaster and I would stop by and pick up bags of beans fresh from the roasting tray. It was like that!)"

Gavin Thompson
Phoenix, Arizona

"We made the mistake of purchasing one of those "pod" style coffee makers. Needless to say we were back to your New York New York blend (and our drip coffee maker) after three days. Those stale pods must have been pre-packaged months before. They can't begin to compare with your rich, fresh roasted blends! Keep doing what you're doing. (We will never stray again!)"

Jeannine Acker
Plymouth, Minnesota

"A very impressive first order. The coffee is excellent, the packaging very user friendly and it is priced right. Good-bye Starbucks, hello Specialtyjava!"

Donald Pizza
Orland Park, Illinois

"I'm trying 2oz samplers one day at a time. So far, so good. It's very nice to be able to have a small amount to try instead of a large bag that might be not to my liking. It's been hard finding anyone out there that has what I think is a good coffee. Your the first one after Gevalia that I have found to have quality that I consider excellent. I don't understand what people see in Starbucks. There is nothing better than fresh beans, burr ground when you need it. Thanks for a very nice product."

Mitchell Rosenberg
Palo Alto, California

"I have been looking for a coffee to replace Starbucks for about a year and a half now. They seems to have changed their house blend to house bland. I enjoy coffee that that taste like coffee, rich, smooth and flavorful and I found it in your organic smooth jazz. Thank you so much for finally giving me a cup of coffee I can look forward to!!! KEEP PRODUCING ORGANIC SMOOTH JAZZ AND I'LL BE A HAPPY LONGTIME CUSTOMER!"

Cathy Gallina
Macomb, Michigan

"I am in coffee heaven. I was referred to your site from a neighbor friend, and I am so happy. Your coffee rocks and I love that you make it as fresh as possible by roasting right before shipping. Thanks again!"

Michael Lee
Elmhurst, New York

It was a pleasure to find your site and your coffee. I generally prefer the true Italian model of medium roasted beans, long on crema, short on bitterness. (Starbucks isn't really even coffee, particularly as they pour off the crema when transferring from 1 cup to the next!) Your coffees obviously aim for the truer authentic roast style and I enjoyed their freshness."

Lewis Rosengarten
Saratoga Springs, New York

"Bye bye Starbucks, I have found a new source for fresh coffee. Tastes better and I only have to go to the mailbox to get it. Thanks."

Mark McVey
Scottsdale, Arizona

"I love your coffee more than sex!"

Barbara Sandell
Alexandria, Minnesota

"We were reluctant to buy coffee online, but now we know how FRESH roasted coffee should taste. It really is "good to the last drop". So long Starbucks; we no longer have to leave home to get a great cup of coffee thanks to Specialty Java!"

Jerry & Barbara Ward
Odessa, Florida

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