"It is well known that most office coffee service coffee is really bad which is why employees go to a coffee shop to get a good cup of coffee.

Not all coffee is created equal. In today's world, consumers not only vote with their wallet, but also with their online reviews. Consumers respond to high quality.

One of our coffee shop clients was voted by their customers as the "Best Coffee House" in the entire state. Our Jo Coffee brand is one of Amazon's highest rated organic coffee brands with over 5000+ positive coffee reviews.

Providing high quality coffee to employees results in higher productivity. Imagine what will happen when they have fresh roasted, specialty coffee. They may stay at their desk rather than leaving to run to a coffee shop!"

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  • Fresh Roasted: Your selection is fresh roasted for you and shipped within hours! You will see the date it is roasted.
  • Free Shipping: Standard Wholesale Account clients get free shipping for 25 lb orders, on any combination of our different coffees, within the mainland United States.
  • Specialty Coffee: We continually experiment with new blends, search potential coffee varieties for additions to our offerings, and strive for perfection in every roast. Your exclusively gourmet, specialty grade coffee beans will have passed the expert analysis and cupping tastes of one of the world's best specialty coffee buyers. You can be confident we source only the finest coffee in the world and that starts the process of delivering your customers the experience they deserve. We offer many exclusive, connoisseur blends. Our gourmet specialty coffee blends are hand-crafted, hand-roasted and hand-packed.
  • Discounted Pricing:  Our specialty grade beans are the highest grade in existence yet fairly priced. Discounted prices for Standard Wholesale accounts will be emailed to you and will display online after we approve your account. Retail prices are displayed online by default.
  • Easy Ordering: Registered accounts can purchase 24 hours a day from our website, by email or by phone. Regularly scheduled delivery is available upon request.
  • No Contracts: We do not require restrictive equipment agreements just to buy our coffee unlike coffee equipment companies. Our fresh roasted gourmet coffee will speak for itself. You have no obligation.
  • Brewers & Grinders: There is a reason people complain about the coffee from office coffee services. They basically offer "Folgers-in-a-Bag" with pre-ground packets of stale coffee and supply offices with cheap brewers that burn the coffee on their warmers.

    It is absolutely critical to
    start with fresh roasted whole bean specialty coffee, have quality equipment, and grind immediately before brewing to produce a great cup of coffee. Grinding takes 20 seconds!

    Please note, we do not require you purchase equipment through us. We simply want you to produce the best cup and to be your preferred roaster.

    Owning your own equipment is always cheaper than any lease or loaner contract arrangements common to traditional office coffee services. Protect your freedom of choosing your own preferred coffee roaster.

    If you need high quality office coffee brewers and grinders, contact us for a quote on Bunn Commercial brewing and grinding equipment.
  • Standard Wholesale Accounts: Our Specialty Java Brand is produced in our smallest artisan, hand-craft micro roastery, described in detail above. Orders will be produced then shipped within hours during weekdays. Retail prices are displayed online on this website by default.
  • Jo Coffee Organic Coffee Brand: For office coffee brewers, you might consider our 2 lb packages offered with very competitive wholesale pricing for Wholesale Bundled Cases and includes free shipping. No account is needed for online purchasing by credit card on


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