Customer Testimonials
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"I am a deployed US soldier and your fantastic coffee makes my day! Thank you for the outstanding customer service and quality product."

Michael Chaiko

"Great coffee! Great Service! What else can I say? 5 Gold Stars all around!"

Don Cannon
Snoqualmie, WA

"An exceptional cup."

M A Gresko
Highland Mills, NY

"I just wanted to take a second to thank you for our order….. I got a chance to taste it. The coffee tastes great and the label looks great too. Thank you for such wonderful customer service. I look forward to working with you again soon!"

Amanda Patterson
Miami, FL

"Thank you for selling delicious mail order java!!"

RoJeune Rollins-Monroe
Denver, CO

"return customer after receiving for Christmas gift. Best gift I have been given in a very long time."

Sharon Kocian
Rockdale, TX

"I so appreciate/love your company. I love the overall your responses to me and in the speed with which the coffee is delivered and in its amazing freshness."

Brenda Cox
Rockwall, TX

"I ordered a few varieties of coffee beans for a close friend's 40th birthday along with a grinder. I was worried because my buddy is kind of high maintenance and a food snob...anything that gets high praise from him and puts a smile on his grumpy face is top notch! He raved about the quality of your coffee and I will be ordering more for myself and my sister this month!! Thank you for the super quick delivery and the gift labels, your service is awesome. The aroma of the beans is unbelievable when you get your box."

Nadirah Baldwin
Chesapeake, VA

"Love the various types of coffee have tried a few so far like NY NY the best."

Jerome Kapaun
Mapleton, ND

"very smooth and rich flavor. it is packaged nicely too."

Mary Savage
St. Augustine, FL

"I really like Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. There are a number of other great coffees out there, so I can't say it's a good value given the price. And like wines, it would be pretty boring to drink the same wine every day. But if stranded on a dessert island and I could choose only one coffee, this would be it. You owe it to yourself to try it at least once."

Robert Washington
Porter Ranch, CA

"u pass my most important test...taste, both in the product and the business. thank you."

Steve Severdia
Carlotta, CA

"awesome coffee and totally worth it – thanks."

Scott Greenstein
Roslyn Heights, NY

"Love the coffee, the price and ease of ordering."

Anne Van Oppen
Verdes Estates, CA

"I love New York New York!!!!"
Mark Twyman

The French Roast is wonderful! The beans were so fresh, and the taste outstanding! I will definately be ordering more!

Sharon Dohony
Baltimore, MD

"so far, the espresso Italiano is our favorite, but all 3 have been excellent - we just prefer the lighter roast. I like the value, and the customer service that Specialty Java represents. I am planning on trying more beans - but for starters a larger order of the espresso italiano will be forthcomming."

Jim Florwick
Frederick, MD

"Your coffee is amazing."

Ryan Hain
Erie, PA

"Coffee that makes getting up worthwhile! As always, thank you."

Shem Wayman
Bluffdale, UT

“My wife and I like the Hawaiian Kona so much I am purchasing a 30 oz bag. Some of the best Kona I have tasted.

Jeffrey Bogue
Ooltewah, TN

"Hello. Got my order way quick and brewed up a fresh pot as soon as it arrived. I love the Hazelnut! Perfectly smooth, good flavour, NO after bite and awesome aroma. The JBM is a bit pungent for me. Makes for a good base mixed with the Hazelnut for a change. I will be ordering the
Hazelnut again. And try something new. Thanks much – Mo"

Mo Murphy
Blue Mountain, AR

"My wife and I have always wondered where restaurants got such wonderful coffee. The Brazil Santos is the best non-flavored coffee we have ever had. We have found the perfect coffee on the first try. I will have to try other coffees to be able to understand the attributes on your geeky form."

Randy Nelson
Stone Mountain, GA

"Great beans!!"

Debra Smith
Maple Plain, MN

"great coffee, great service, love to wake up in the morning."

Carolyn Rocha
Reisterstown, MD

"I did have more to say but being vm I limited my remarks. I just feel any company does not get enough positive communication from it's clients. It seems people do not feel letting someone or company know they are doing a good job. Don't get me wrong, I do not call every company I do business with to say, "hay, you did what you should." But, Kevin, and company, have consistently proven it is not JUST about making money. It is about making sure what you do, everyday, means something. It truly shows caring through the treatment of the product down to the happy face hand written on each order. That is what running a successful business is about. I have been buying coffee from you for years and these facts have shown through everytime."

Steve Weldon
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

"Thanks for following up Kevin. My coffee arrived today. The weather has been rough here the past couple of days, but the smell of the espresso beans has already made the snow and ice more bearable."

Matt Kennedy
Vernon, CT

"This coffee is as outstanding as your service. I look forward to many more cups of your wonderful coffee. These beans produce an earthy and aromatic cup. Truly worth every penny. This company provides customer service the likes of which are rarely seen. Change Nothing! Superior customer service the likes of which are rarely seen."

Ryan Hain
Erie, PA

"My daughter on a humanitarian tour in Ethiopia with the Airforce brouht back the Harrar coffee. I was hooked and spoiled. Your company has sold me the best so far. The flavor, crema and roast is perfect. Thank you."

Katherine Dalexander
Palm Coast, FL

"coffee is great."

Jill Barker

Great service, fast delivery, great coffee!

Carol Arnim
Mesquite, NV

"Kenya AA was excellent. I would score it 84 overall."

Robert Shumate
Avon, IN

"Excellent coffee and excellent value"

Robert Holman
Fargo, ND

"My son Ali Dawood sent me some of your very delicious coffee last summer."

Sandra Davis
Garland, TX

"We love your coffee, especially when we are up late talking to people with bats in their house!
Dave Kugler
Ortonville, MI

"I love the coffee and can't wait to get some for the office. Thanks for all your help. It must be fun making life happy for so many everyday. Peace always!"

Mark Puetz
Mitchell, SD

"Using your sample quantities my wife and I tried most of your medium to dark roast coffes and settled on Paradise which we've ordered ever since our trial. Don't change anything -- your coffee is great!"

Roger Bryan
Ooltewah, TN

“My first job out of University 40 years ago was for a company in Denver called The E.B. Miller Coffee company. They roasted their own coffee to help support their restaurant supply business. The coffee roaster there knew how to get the best flavor out of his exotic roasts without over roasting. I really mean it when I say your coffee was the first time in all these years that i have tasted coffee roasted to such perfection.”

Woodrow C. Monte PhD
Professor Emeritus of Food Science
Arizona State University

“This coffee rocks. Comes wet with the oils cooked to the surface of the bean. Strong flavor without being bitter. Considering you roast as its ordered it couldn’t get to the door faster. Thank you for a great job !!! Dont change've nailed it.”

Gregory O Dell
Vallejo, California

“I believe in giving credit where it is due and your company deserves it. The coffee was a gift for my sister in law in Knoxville, Tennessee who is a big lover of coffee and recently had a Miehle (sp?) fancy coffee maker installed in their new home. She really liked the coffee and best yet, it arrived before Christmas despite the lateness of my order. I look forward to sampling your coffee myself soon. Happy New Year and thanks for your response.”

Gene Graziano
Charlotte, North Caroline

“My Husband filled my stocking with your coffees and we absolutely LOVE THEM!!!”

Carrie Kingon
Ft. Myers, Florida

“Great Coffee will be back for more...”

Robert Lundberg
Jacksonville, Arkansas

“Used to live in Waconia and purchased your coffee at Mocha Monkey. Recently moved to Dubuque IA, and can't live without my coffee fix!”

Kelly Liddle
Dubuque Iowa

“Thank you for this site there is so much information”

Leo Matta
San Antonio, Texas

“I started my evening with Specialty Java's Jamaican Blue Mountain the same way. I setup the machine, ground the beans, pulled the test double and took a look. The first thing I noticed was that the shot pulled with the most beautiful honey colored rat tails. Next I noticed the crema. In a single double-shot glass, the bottom quarter inch was deep rich brown coffee. The remainder was thick honey brown sustained crema. I took a sip and have never tasted such heavenly sweetness. Then I did something I never do, I drank the entire double shot of straight espresso! But I didn't stop there, oh no. What was this wonderful experience? I made a latte; amazing. I made cappuccino; wow. All with my standard double shot pull. So here I am at 3 AM writing this review, knowing I'm going hate tomorrow but in love with Jamaican Blue Mountain from Specialty Java Inc.”

Michael Benson
Ridgecrest, California

“No geeky words, just great tasting coffee!!”

Barb Amlotte
Burnsville, Minnesota

“Great service and expedited delivery. Very pleased overall.”

Eugene Graziano
Charlotte, North Carolina

“SpecialtyJava coffees are so fresh and so good, I have left my previous supplier, Old Bisbee Roasters, who I had been with for many years. Your packaging is much superior, don't ever change it, your prices better and coffee much fresher and therefore tastier. Keep up the outstanding work! You converted me and I'm spreading the news with samples.Thanks.”

Steve Otnes
Minot, North Dakota

“The Smooth Jazz is perhaps the best coffee I've ever tasted. It's my reason for getting out of bed in the morning. DON'T EVER CHANGE IT EVER.”


“I sent this as a gift to my daughter in Az. she loves it.”

Joan Hagburg
Corpus Christi, Texas

“Love it!”

Taun Toay
Red Hook, New York

“seems to be very fresh roast; my order took longer than i had thought but it was due to the new year's holiday.”

Rebecca Wilson
Jacksonville, North Carolina

“great coffee so far.”

Michelle Marak
Cameron, Texas

“I'm not a coffee drinker. I'm an iced tea drinker. I ordered your Velvet Soul for my husband--and I love!!”

Mary Reale
Midway, Arkansas

“I went looking online for Certified Organic Coffee since I just wasn't impressed with the small selection of blah Certified Organic coffees offered at the 2 organic grocery stores in town and I was thrilled to find Specialty Java. With just 1 cup my husband was raving all day. He was amazed that there was no acidity and how smooth it was. I thought it was great so I ordered a large size of the Organic Velvet Soul and more samples, so we can find some more favorites. Thank you for offering Certified Organic and I'm pleased to know that it is Certified Fair Trade, and Certified Rainforest Alliance too. I have already recommended you to others.”

Paula Johnson
Las Vegas, Nevada

“I am a repeat customer who normally places orders in MN. Since I am in FL for the winter I had difficulty figuring out the correct shipping option. I thought I would need to follow up by phone with you and before I could do that you were emailing me to get the shipping sorted out. That attentive customer follow-up is hugely important to me. You folks have always been available to help me when I need it.”

Colleen Gay
Northfield, Minnesota

“Great coffee.... Excellent customer service.”

Leslie Brown
Fyffe, Alabama

“I love the variety the most, especially for espresso beans.”

Debbie Paulson
St. Boni, Minnesota

"Excellent. I took some of this into my office just before the weather turned very cold - our administrative office head told me that when a pot was brewed, she opened the office door and the aroma was heavenly! This took the edge off of a hectic week and provided a great greeting for the morning."r>

Kevin Menken
Macomb, Illinois

"My son-in-law loved the coffees I sent him last no reason to change a good thing.."

Marylou Judis
Ocean View, Delaware

"I'm very happy so far with this first time order. Thank you."

Colleen Dunn
Woodbury, New Jersey

"Great Beans!!!"

Debra Smith
Maple Plain, Minnesota

"Your coffee is Outstanding."

JoJonna Rosas
San Antonio, Texas

"Very very great coffees. thank you."

Joseph Dust
Terra Haute, Indiana

"I found out about Specialty Java while on the internet. Immediately after tasting we found out how good fresh roasted is. It took us a while to finish the coffees we had in the house and now that they are gone only Speciality Java will be brewed in our home."

Joseph Brausch, Jr.
Tyron, North Carolina

"I don't drink coffee; I only order for my father-in-law and only once a year and only from you guys! I've been ordering from you for years and have been SO happy with your customer service and friendliness, and my fahter-in-law loves loves loves his Blue. :)"

Julie Roberts
Kennewick, Washington

"Thanks for roasting such great coffee."

Kevin Kelly
Marion, Iowa

"I Truly Believe Your Coffee Is The Best I Ever Consumed."

Michael Waite
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

"I am incredibly pleased with my order experience. The shipping speed is practically one-day (though I am only a state away), the packaging is great, and the coffee is wonderful. I really like the sample packs, my first order had 4 different samples, and I didn't like two of them, but I won't be left with lots of unused coffee. On my second order I purchased a pound of the coffee I did like, and a sample of something new. I plan to order a new sample with every order. It's a great little service you offer."

Paul Houser
Marengo, Iowa

"Great coffee, Like the beans much more than the ground. It looses some of the freshness in the grind if it is not right when you brew. I will stick with the beans."

Cindy Herington
Royse City, Texas

"I can only pass on comments from my son and daughter. I gave coffee and a grinder as a gift to them. The aroma and the taste of all the coffees tried were exceptional. My son has a really good expresso/coffee machine and he enjoyed the expresso."

John Perry
Ottsville, Pennsylvania

"We enjoyed the Irish Cream and never tried it before. Do you send email discounts? We would like those if you do. Suggestions: It was nice when you sent free samples so we could try other varieties without buying a large bag and being disappointed. Also, if you surveyed people after trying the samples it may help provide you with important feedback."

Leslie Seraphine
Sussex, Wisconsin

"It's all good. Some I like better than others, and in the case of Harrar, it's different from one batch to the next. It IS and agricultural crop after all. Right now i like the t-peaberry best, but last year i liked the yergechiffe, and before that ny-ny. The best thing is being able to switch from one excellent coffee to another whenever I like. Yippee!"

James Mount
Huntingtown, Maryland

"Many thanks - we love the coffee and have been sharing it with our co workers - the hazelnut is extra good. Merry Christmas"

Kathy Anderson
Park Rapids, Minnesota

"i just love your coffee. i have been a customer for 2 years. now i just live in utah."

Marlena Mclannahan
Salt Lake City, Utah

"My friends from Marshall Texas are crazy about your coffee! Decided to try"

Micheelle Marak
Cameron Texas

"Thank you for always giving a quality product at a fair price."

Sean Monroe
Denver, Colorado

"I have tried coffees from several places from the mainland because it's hard to find fresh roasted coffee beans in Hawaii. I have to admit that yours is the freshest so far. I will be a repeater for sure! ;)"

Oriko Hayashida
Honolulu, Hawaii

"I initially received SpecialtyJava coffee as a gift. I thought it was very good and a great gift idea. So I've sent it to others as a gift as well. I've never had any issues. Ordering online is easy and I've never had any problems with timely delivery or the product itself."

Jeff Tubbs
Richmond, Virginia

"Kevin, Every once in a while someone will say they found a really nice Sumatra. So they share a cup and it always tastes like mud at the end. Each time I have greater appreciation of your company and the extra effort you go to to get a bean that has consistently a clean finish. Thank you, you make my job easier."

Lisa Flynn
Charlotte, North Carolina

"Your coffee is beyond fabulous! I will never enter Starbucks again."

Leslie MacKinnon
Atlanta, Georgia

To Kevin; I just wanted to say thanks and wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season. I was introduced to your company by Brian Albright, and I've been delighted with your products and your service. You have really done a great job with your business Kevin. Sincerely, Bob Adkinson (a very happy customer)"

Bob Adkinson
Champlin, Minnesota

"Great Beans!!!"

Debra Smith
Maple Plain, Minnesota

"The more I fhink about it as I drink the coffee I have come to the conclusion that any more vanilla flavoring would probably mask the great flavor of the coffee itself. I now realize the reason we have been drinking flavored coffee was to mask the bad taste of the stale coffee. All the coffees that I have ordered so far have been incredibly smooth and even though I have been drinking coffee for many years I think I have finally discovered what coffee is really supposed to taste like. Occasionally I would come across a good restaurant coffee and would wonder what coffee it was and where I could get it. Now I can have it every day thanks to your great coffee. I can't wait to try more samples in the future."

Michael Rinzel
Bloomer, Wisconsin

"A friend opened a cafe in April, 2010. After tasting the Sumatran coffee she served, I had to find out where she ordered it, so I could purchase some for myself."

Kathy Dyer
Mount Vernon, Indiana

"My niece uses you coffee in her machines. While on vacation we tried it and loved it. She also sent 2 large bags home with us, which we have enjoyed very much."

Peggy Day
Milton, Florida

"delicious, fresh roasted, fast shipping. I chose you due to the low price and low shipping cost. Would continue to order from you if I received coupons!"

Jay Phillipe
Rochester, Minnesota

"Deb Sweep from Willmar, MN recommended your coffee to me!"

Joe Lusky
Sartell, Minnesota

"First time buyer. Aroma of beans alone has been wafting through the house. Great aroma, and even better brewed. One of the best coffee's I've ever bought!"

Michael Benedict
Ottumwa, Iowa

"ALWAYS GREAT Coffee ! First try of the Panamanian."

Bruce Brown
Madison, Virginia

"Amazing coffee! I've said it before; I'll say it again: "A day without Specialty Java is a day without sunshine". Thanks again!"

Shem Wayman
Bluffdale, Utah

"Love the coffee and have gotten my siser and brother coffee as gifts and they buy it now too. Thanks, great service!!"

Ilene Olson
Waskish, Minnesota

"Just like wine....don't need the fancy terms. You just know when you like the taste. The two above coffees (New York New York and Smooth Jazz) are the best ever. Thanks for such great coffee."

Ardith Peck
Salinas, California

"Very pleased with both the coffee and the delivery."

Michael Treese
Brielle, New Jersey

"coffee arrived in a day was nice and fresh good flavor"

Valerie Olsen
Donnelly, Minnesota

"Hi all Hope you're ready for winter. I'm not but this is MN. At least the coffee is good."

Michael Rupert
Maple Grove, Minnesota

"Hello Kiry: Thank you for getting back to me. You guys are totally awesome on CUSTOMER SERVICE. I will recommend your company to anyone who is a coffee lover. Good Luck, you guys deserve the best. I am placing an order today."

William Santagata
New Haven, Connecticut

"Espresso is great. Customer service of this company is as GREAT as their coffee. Would recommend to any coffee lover. THESE GUYS ARE GREAT. KEEP DOING THE GREAT JOB YOU ARE DOING......"

William Santagata
New Haven, Connecticut

"I'm from MN and was introduced to your coffee up here in Alaska by a friend from MN."

Tom Cohenour
Cordova, Alaska

"please send a small sample of Sumatra. I've got a Judge who says he has never drunk coffee that is a good as it smells. He drinks folgers! Sumatra should be a good think for him to start out on. Cordially, RDV"

Richard Volkman
Ponca, Nebraska

"Thank you for everything and the best coffee and customer service a business could ask for! God bless your company and every employee that works in your business."

Ralph Gilmore
The Cornerstone Cafe
Van Horn, Texas

"Excited to find a vendor using USPS flat rate boxes. In rural Alaska the Post Office is the way to go!"

Peter Anderegg
Barrow, Alaska

"Not only is your coffee the absolutely best tasting blend I have ever used, but the quality of your service should be a paradigm for the industry. It is simply the best tasting espresso I have ever drunk. My friends make a point of stopping by at least once a week for a latte or a shot. You guys are great."

Eugene Kriegsmann
Bonney Lake, Washington

"Ray, I brought 'Smooth Jazz' on a recent 'guys' 6 day kayak trip down Kauai's Na Pali Coast. The aroma of the brew in the morning drew campers from their tents. Enjoy, AL Comments This brew is perfect for the Georgia Mountains, the Arizona Red Rocks, and the beaches of Kauai, and all points in between."

Al Greene
Ellijay, Arizona

"My wife and I tried the New York New York and hands down by far the best coffee we have ever tasted. Its dark rich and smooth taste makes drinking coffee a pleasure. Star Bucks can't hold a candle to this coffee blend."

David Roscoe
Moundsville, West Virginia

"Just received this in mail and have had two good cups from it thus far. Both cups were about medium grind. First was steeped in 190-200 degree F water for 20 seconds prior to being poured through pour-over filter, and second was steeped for closer to 40 seconds in 180 degree water and then poured over filter. First cup, very light, sweet, and pleasant. Made me happy. Second was much more earthy and assertive. Look forward to trying with french press and aeropress to see what can be done with coffee. Highly recommended."

Chris Johnson
Tifton, Georgia

"you guys are awesome!!! We serve you coffee exclusively and have the best coffee in town. We often here we are better than starbucks!!!"

Em & Jerry's Coffee Company
Independence, Iowa

"We absolutely loved New York, New York; enjoyed Organic Velvet soul also. beans were so fresh; looking for your recommendation for decaf; what's your top seller? We will continue to order from you... Thanks!"

Susan Ferry
Buffalo, New York

"I loved the flavor of the coffee. There is a harmonious blend of cinnamon and hazelnut, neither one overpowered the other. I truly enjoyed the smell and the taste. Nothing was as good as the first cup after being freshly roasted! Amazing product!"

Heather Ockenfels
North Liberty, Iowa

"Love your company! Many times repeat customer - all we ever drink!"

Brett Miller
Bridge 281
Longview, Texas

"Love your company! Many times repeat customer - all we ever drink!"

Lou Zaccone
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Actually - I google searched you guys and when the coffee was delivered, I was admiring the box it came in....I work at Uline. It's a small world. LOVE your coffee!"

Wendy Hull
Genoa City, Wisconsin

"My favorite single origin and it has become my "regular" buy. Specialty Java keeps the roast light which brings out a lot of flavor. Probably the best peaberry on the market today. It is very forgiving of brewing miscues. Hopefully, it will remain on your offering list. It has been purchased numerous times."

Mark Botta
Parlin, New Jersey


Billy Jack Harrell
Johnson City, Tennessee

"Just a quick note to say "Thank you" for the sample of organic NYNY. I'm not sure I can detect much difference....but it's just as good. Thanks again."

John Cooper
Lakeville, Minnesota

"I tried NYNY and the Organic bean from Mexico and both were very good. NYNY is a medium roast but not with the typical over roasted taste that a lot of medium roasts somehow have. A very nice and very smooth with good body and finish. A great cup. The Organic Mex Alturos was a light roast with very clean medium body with a smooth taste but with no lingering aftertaste. Slightly crisp and bright but also with just enough body to balance it out just fine. A good roast for a great cup for after lunch."

J Hopping
Poquoson, New Jersey

"I have roasted my own coffee and recently tried Kona & Jamaican coffee from you. The Kenya AA beats them all as far as I am concerned. I detected strong caramel notes, hints of chocolate and some smokiness."

Rich Oberg
Groveland, Massachusetts

"I used to drink your coffee at Java John's in Decorah, IA. I've since moved to Georgia and haven't been able to find a light roast that I like as much."

Marlie Drews
Augusta, Georgia

"Love your company! Many times repeat customer - all we ever drink!"

Lou Zaccone
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Please help!! My staff did not inform me we were getting low on coffee!! I brewed my last pot last night. Please call and let me know if you can help pull off a miracle."

Tracy LeTourneau
Waconia, Minnesota

"Can't do without your GREAT Coffee! Our Morning Starter -- ALWAYS GREAT Coffee!"

Bruce Brown
Madison, Virginia

"Please restart my auto delivery. I would like to receive (1) 40 oz. Daystar Lights every 4 weeks, please. I would also like a free sample of the Organic New York, New York. Thank you as always for your excellent service and excellent coffees!!! Happy 4th! Hope your holiday is fun!"

Michelle Diamond
Boca Raton, Florida

"Lovin' it! Absolutely the freshest and best-roasted coffee we have ever tried!"

Joel Keen
Goodlettsville, Tennessee

"Not sure if there are any samples available for trying... Your coffee ROCKS!"

Jason Meyer
Dakota City, Nebraska

"OUTSTANDING!! OUTSTANDING!! OUTSTANDING!!. This is the #1 Comment we get as travelers come through our little town and try your coffee! I admit... we agree! Thank you"

Ralph Gilmore
The Cornerstone
Van Horn, Texas

"Thank you for getting back to me. Espresso Organico / Dark -- you know the one -- the one I ALWAYS ORDER. I just need to get more and the 30 oz should keep Summer guests very happy. Thanks always for taking such good care of me. With appreciation, Lisa"

Lisa Gregerson
Montague, California


Bill Fischetti
Bainbridge, New York


Rick Neidlinger
Wilson, Kansas

"Tanzanian Peaberry. Organic Ethiopian Yergacheffe. Love these two coffees!"

Marion Adam
Chantilly, Virginia

"Wonderful, Delicious, yummy!! What more can we say!! Keep up the excellent quality. You make our jobs easy to be successful!"

Ralph & Karl
The Cornerstone
Van Horn, Texas

"Excellent roast. We are really enjoying it. We are sharing your information with family and friends. Not much to improve upon. The only thing that came up for me is knowing delivery time. Not a big problem but it is one area I can think of for you. You might include some information about expected delivery time or offer a way to check on expected delivery of an order. ie Speedee---Don't want to run out of coffee :) Otherwise your information, product, customer service and website are all excellent. We will order again."

Michelle Eggan
Cologne, Minnesota

"An Organic blend to try...Thanks again for the great coffee..."

Stephanie Arndt
Madison Lake, Minnesota

"I've been buying the Jamaican Blue Mountain, and the Kona for about 1 1/2 years, and I've never been disappointed, not one single time. I've tried JBM from over 10 different sources, and never tasted any that compares to yours. My in-laws were just at my house for college graduation, and drank up $160 of my coffee, everyone loves to come to my house for coffee. Thanks, in this world satisfaction is hard to come by."

Steve Lewis
League City, Texas

"We try to go organic as much as we can,& I gotta tell ya,it's the fair trade organics that keep us coming back. Thanks for making a truly good, good for you, cup of coffee possible."

Shem Wayman
Bluffdale, Utah

"Loved your coffee. It tasted so fresh. I love you guys!"

Wendy Hull
Genoa City, Wisconsin


Maple Plain, Minnesota

"The best coffee I've ever tasted."

Connie Stillwell
Muncie, Indiana

"We have been ordering coffee from Specialty Java since 10/09 after needing to change my wholesale supplier. Our customers are extremely happy and 'hooked'! We use the Espresso Italiano for all of our vending machines and the Allegro for our home machine. We love them both and have many of our friends and family addicted!!!"

Heather Mariconi
Livermore, California

"It is the organic New York, New York. We are loving it."

Tracy LeTourneau
Waconia, Minnesota

"The last three or four orders did not include magnets, please include some magnets and some sample packets in this order. I have talked to a few people about your coffees and they would like to try a sample. If you have samples of Smooth Jazz that would work great, one of my favorites."

Jeffrey Bogue
Ooltewah, Tennessee

"This was wonderful! Smooth & delicious. Delivered quickly. Great service & reasonable price for quality. Have sent a pound to a friend & am currently telling friends about your coffee! Will continue to order your scrumptious beans."

Gretchen Greene
Aurora, Colorado


Donavan Esping
Chaska, Minnesota

"We are truly enjoying our morning cup of hazelnut coffee in Costa Rica while sitting on the veranda overlooking some beautiful mountains as I write. I will be placing another order soon. We so appreciate the excellent service you provide. Take care and have a wonderful day."

Rowdy Steinmetz
Fort Smith, Arkansas

"Could you please send me the magnet saying "Coffee is proof God wants us happy?" I love these magnets and am starting to collect them. I have the Einstein one displayed proudly on the fridge."

Thomas Pfeiffer
Miami, Florida

"Thanks for the great coffee experience."

Rick Hawkins
Taft, California

"I have just started to try different brews and really appreciate the sample sizes offered. Blue Mountain was fantastic, every bit as good as the rave reviews it gets. I just wanted to drink every drop!"

Holly DuBiel
Carnegie, Pennsylvania

"I found your website from several reviews after buying a new Jura Capresso. I ordered the Espresso Authentico and Espresso Italiano. We loved how rich and smooth the Authentico tasted. In fact, a friend we had over commented several times how amazing it was to get an Americano that was not bitter at all. We have now ordered some for him as a gift, so now you have 2 new very satisfied customers."

Andrew Lassen
Dubuque, Iowa

"I have been a customer for quite sometime. Love your coffee like no other! We have been remodeling so I forgot to order coffee. So...I went down to the big mega store and bought some beans. Well, let me tell you as soon as my computer was back up I was ordering my usual from you. After one week of not looking forward to my morning coffee I have had enough! We will never stray again! :)"

Deborah Rowden
Siloam Springs, Arkansas

"I used to but from you when I owned Brew Horizons in Rehoboth Beach, when it existed. Just wanted some New York New York for our personal use. It was great coffee and we enjoyed doing business with you. Hope all is well."

Deborah Schwartz.
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

"I just received my coffee. It is delicious. I ordered 10 lbs coffee and on my order I asked for free sample of mocha java blend and a free refrig magnet. I must not of pushed all the right buttons because i did not get them. Sorry!!! But if you would like to send them I would not complain. We are retired and live on s.s do you have a senior discount? Thanks Barb"

Barb Erickson
Princeton, Minnesota

"Excellent coffee and great service. I will definitely be ordering again."

Mark Lustig
Merrick, New York

"I adore the Decadent Decaf! It IS decadent.Can I have a sample of your Mocha Java? You should look into linking up with The My Points program! Many online retailers and very good company exposure. I make purchases for my favorite retailers through their site and get reward points to use for free gift cards,or merchandise in exchange for trying out their merchants, Win/Win for all...Good Marketing tool."

Michelle Diamond
Boca Raton, Florida

"Liked the Kona and French Vanilla."

John Elliot
Black River Falls, Wisconsin

"Your site is terrific. This was my first order. Wow!! Fast delivery and incredible tasting coffee. I didn't know what I was missing. Goodbye grocery stores, specialty stores and even Trader Joe's! My first brew was in the Cuisinart and I'm certain the next brew in the French press will be even better. You have definitely exceeded my expectations. I will savor this blend to the end and can't wait to try some of your other offerings. Thanks for being there."

Joseph Perlow
La Quinta, California

"Once Again your product speaks for itself and to further the experience your professionalism and attention to detail has saved me Shipping on the last order as well. My appreciation goes beyond "Thank You" Your visit was both a surprise and very informative. I was very Blessed by it. I am getting a grinder that is on your web page. I hope this is the one we spoke of. If not please let me know."

Ralph Gilmore
Van Horn, Texas

"Great Service---better coffee!!"

Debra Smith
Nutrition Dynamics
Maple Plain, Minnesota

"I googled you and read your reviews. If your Jamaican turns out to be as good as I got on the island; you will find me to be a long-term customer."

Stevan Vanness
Belfast, Maine

"It meet my expectations for a great coffee. Glad to see a MN company selling good products (In US Navy, left MN 19 years ago). We haven't tried the New York yet but expect more great coffee."

Chris Kieser
Ridge, Maryland

"Love your selection of coffee!"

Paul Jaffe
Seattle, Washington

"My first time with FRESHLY ROASTED coffee and I absolutely love it!!!"

Rancy Sharp
Siloam Springs, Arkansas

"I haven't ordered beans for three plus years but I now have an opportunity to return."

Buddy Coates, Jr.
Jeffersonville, Indiana

"I was sent your sample pack - I am looking for gourmet coffee to serve at my small hotel - and I tried Organic Velvet Soul. It was the best cup of coffee I think I ever tasted! Thank you. I will be back for more!"

Amy Harrison
Reston, Virginia

"LOVED your coffee! Will definitely order again and refer you to friends! Your customer service and customer satisfaction efforts are a huge factor as well."

Tracy Hartman
Geneseo, Illinois


Penny Sard
Cambridge, Maryland

"WOW!!!!Excellent coffee! VERY fast shipping!!! Very satisfied customer!!! THANKS!!"

Mary Toneva
Bensenville, Illinois

"We have opened Our Espresso Cafe in Van Horn Texas on Monday! The response is wonderful! Your Coffee blends make our success easy. Thank you again for your assistance and correction of the shipping charges. Your coffee is a major hit here in Van Horn. The Cornerstone is increasing steadily in sales daily as the community gets the idea we actually have a coffee shop with delicious coffee to offer."

Ralph Gilmore
Van Horn, Texas

"I live all the way in Tucson AZ. I received your coffee as a x-mas present and I am hooked. I now have to order it online!"

Sheena Stewart
Tucson, Arizona

"Without using any professional coffee terms I found the Mocha Java coffee to be excellent. The moment I opened the bag and smelled the aroma I knew I was in for a treat. I haven't had that quality of coffee since my old source left the business"

Farrell Semmes
Monroe, Louisiana

"We have tested three of the 10 bags we ordered and are extremely pleased with the aromas and flavor."

Angie Eakins
Boonville, Indiana


Elden Brown
Dutch Harbor, Arkansas

"I just tested one of the four that I bought. I really enjoyed the smooth flavor. Very happy with the speed of delivery."

Julie Gleason
Waterloo, Iowa

"All the best for 2010!"

Stanley Browne
Webster Groves, Missouri

"Whether you eat or drink, whatever you do, do it all to the glory of the Lord. 1 Corinthians 10:31"

Robin Phillips
Gilbertown, Alabama

"Very happy with your coffee and service."

Randall Krommenhoek
Little Rock, Arkansas

"I appreciate your quick response with the account setup. Looking forward to doing business with you."

Justin Talley
Big Sandy, Texas

"Your coffee rocks!! I love it when I have the extra cash to spoil myself with the best coffee I can get."

Christine Waters
Springfield, Illinois

"Magnets, magnets, magnets!! we give them to our friends! Thanks :>)"

Eddie Rogers
Bremen, Georgia

"Awesome site. Looking forward to seeing how my parents like the coffee!"

Jacob Beard
Gilbert, Arizona


Edward Patterson
Somers Point, New Jersey

"Loved it! very fresh roasted. good shipping also, very fast. I would recommend to my friends."

Wendy Hull
Genoa City, Wisconsin

"Awesome Coffee!! I've been ordering for years and never been disappointed!"

Rick Neidlinger
Wilson, Kansas

"Very good coffee and good variety. Really like New York New York and Velvet Soul. I try others at every order, but these are our favorites."

Richard Waddle
Rogers, Arkansas

"I have been a regular customer for a couple of years. Every once and awhile, I run out of your coffee and have to buy something else just to get by until my order arrives. I am then reminded that there is absolutely no comparison! You have THE BEST coffee ever! It is high quality and also a great value. Thank you!"

Jennifer Hauser
Hutchinson, Minnesota

"My big worry was whether I'd be getting real JBM. I got screwed at a brick and mortar suppler - it tasted like Folgers. But this coffee was the real deal. I limit myself to 1 cup a day to fully savor the incredible flavor. I think I'll try your Kona next time."

Alfred Tate
Canadian, Oklahoma

"Thanks Kiry. Thanks also to Kevin for the nice article about the coffee shop. You guys are awesome!!!!"

Tami Fenner
Em & Jerry's Coffee House
Independence, Iowa

"I'm glad i found this site. I will be using it in the future."

Chris Johnson
Atlanta, Georgia

"Received a sampler package for X-mas. So far I have Nigerian and Ethiopian coffee and love both."

Joan Bahrke
Farmington, Connecticut

"I'm hooked on the freshness and great taste of your coffee."

Michael Oloier
Fort Meyers, Florida

"I finally found a roaster that knows how to roast Sumatran (dark). Best coffee I have had in ages."

Darrell St. Clair
Wiggins, Mississippi

"ALWAYS great Coffee! Thanks for the samples -- I keep trying to get you more customers!"

Bruce Brown
Madison, Virginia

"best coffee on the planet. introducing it to my in-laws this round. thanks! ps-- this is a gift so don't send a copy of the invoice their way. also -- please send them a "friends don't let friends drink folgers" magnet... they actually drink that stuff. thx, mb"

Michael Bohl
Castroville, Texas


Bill Fischetti

"After trying several other on line roasters I have finally found one that knows how to roast Sumatra Mandheling (DARK). I need look no further. This is with no doubt the best Sumatra ever. Ordered on Monday, roasted on Monday and drinking on Wednesday. Thank You"

Darrell St. Clair
Wiggins, Mississippi

"Had your coffee at a coffee shop in Decorah and loved it. Very pleased with my order, and plan to order again (I'm going through my 5 pounds faster than I thought, but enjoying every cup). I was delighted to find an organic coffee that's Fair Trade Certified and shade grown at a reasonable price. And as for the taste, I think this is the finest coffee I've ever encountered, at least to my palate."

Gary Cromer
Urbandale, Iowa

"I brought this coffee as a gift for a friend of mine, who loves to grind her own beans. Living in Alaska (on the Aleutians), it isn't always easy to get anything Fresh..:) This coffee came sooo fast, i couldn't have been happier. I will purchase coffee here again, as soon as my friend starts to run low.. Thank you for such excellent service."

Chris Babcock
King Cove, Alaska

"Our company ordered coffee as a gift to our clients. Kevin was great to deal with and we were extremely pleased with the service and ease of ordering. Thank you, Jana Dodge, Business Manager"

Jana Dodge
Denver, Colorado

"I could not be happier. Your Espresso Organico is, for me, perfect. I fall asleep at night thinking of the first cup in the morning. Thank You."

Matt Christin
Portola Valley, California

"great selection folks, keep it up!"

Ryan Hale
Swampscott, Massachusetts

"I am a new customer and live in an area where good coffee beans can't be found. I am looking forward to trying various roasts from your company."

Doug Gordon
Anniston, Alabama

"the coffee is delicious! i had to cut to about half-caf, so i ordered regular and decaf in three kinds--New York, Sumatra, and Kenya AA. My favorite changes every time I have a cup!"

Michele Martin
Anmoore, West Virginia

"The Organico Dark is our favorite. It is wonderful when diluted with just a wee bit of water. No milk or other flavorings needed and no bitter taste that needs a sweetener. Just a wonderful rich dark, smokey taste."

Steven Cox
Schoolcraft, Michigan

"Best Coffee I have ever had..period. (New York New York)"

Rick Neidlinger
Wilson, Kansas

"Thank you Kevin for always creating the perfect cup of coffee thru your wonderful roasting process."

Brigitte Alderman
Minnetonka, Minnetonka

"Hi Kevin, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you everyone thinks our coffee is awesome!!! We are still very much in the learning stages, but our customers are very happy. Thanks for being there and Merry Christmas!!!!!"

Tami Fenner
Independence, Iowa

"I have ordered from this company before and my wife and I absolutely love the coffee. I ordered the espresso for her last year and this year and once again we are very satisfied. The aroma that the beans exude after opening is amazing and I will continue to order more and more!!!!"

Cameron Miller
Tallahassee, Florida

"I bought this coffee for my boss as a gift for Christmas. And he had called me the day after Christmas and had said " this is the best jamacian blue mountain coffee he has ever gotten!" So I'm really happy with the product that I bought from you guys. If I got to buy anymore coffee I am buying from your site."

Logan Ledit
Baltimore, Maryland

"my husband and i LOVE it!! the espresso is absolutely amazing and the value is unbeatable. we won't be purchasing our espresso any place else! THANK YOU!!"

Victoria, Feliton
New York, New York

"First time buyer of your product. Order process was simple and customer friendly. Follow up from the staff was also valued. Product arrived on time and in good condition. Good experience overall."

Ty Thomas
Keswick, Virginia

"Ran out of beans and had to buy "Machu Pichu" from Rainbow Foods this morning to feed the caffeine monkey. The flavor was mild though very bitter and acidic. The roaster burned the beans. It made me feel like a junkie, pouring that stuff down just to get my morning jolt. Got your delivery at noon. Made a press full immediately. Ahhh, back to good coffee again. I appreciated the Speedy delivery."

Daniel Woolsey
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

"I had to adjust the amount of coffee I use per cup as I went to the lighter roast Columbian over the darker roast starbucks, and when that was adjusted then I knew your product was coffee at its finest. I am very pleased with your product and also knowing there is someone at the helm watching and caring about His reputation and the quality of the coffee and to me the most important, the satisfaction of the customer. Bottom line its only coffee but by putting it all together the quality of product and the concern for customer satisfaction, to put it simply it is Coffee done Right. Happy new year and much success to all of you."

Mark Borovina
Port Jefferson, New York

"Kevin I appreciate your love of coffee, it allows me to only have to know about your web-site. Rick Hawkins (fellow coffee lover)."

Rick Hawkins
Taft, California

"glad I found you."

Paul Jaffe
Seattle, Washington

"Have been a customer for about a year now, but only just tried the Kenya. Love it! Thanks."

Joan Swenson
Beaverton, Oregon

"We have found a winner! My husband & I are so glad we discovered your coffee. The NyNy was great then we tried the Organic Velvet Soul this morning and we loved that even more. Two thumbs up."

Laurie King
Lakeland, Florida

"Send some magnets!! And maybe a sample. Thanks from a longtime repeat customer."

Rick Neidlinger
Wilson, Kansas

"My boss lives in Seattle. Mostly drinks Starbucks. Gave him about 1 1/2 or more lbs. of the Espresso Allegro. In 2 weeks it was gone. One of the 5 lb bags I am ordering today is his Christmas present. We haven't ordered in a while due to sickness and 3 of our coffee drinkers were gone for 3 weeks. 2 of them were in Africa. Brought home an Ethiopian bean that their cook, while in Africa, roasted. The bean is so dark it is black, but doesn't taste burnt. Oh how we do love a good dark roast."

Colleen Ninneman
Watford City, North Dakota

"I found you last year right before the Holidays. I ordered a few samples and absolutely love them. I am ordering more samples as stocking stuffers this year. Everyone will be impressed!"

Cynthia Herington
Royse City, Texas

"Have a great Thanksgiving Day. Thanks for you great product."

Michael Rupert
Maple Grove, Minnesota

"Please send the Got Coffee? magnet. How about this for a magnet-"Real men don't drink Folger's" Thanks for the fine coffee experience and have a great Thanksgiving!"

Shem Wayman
Bluffdale, Utah

"great product and the service is great.....when you can call and have the owner help you ...that is hard to find."

Ken Ekstrand
San Antonio, Texas

"This was fantastic coffee, best I ever had!"

Melanie Scott
Kent, Ohio

"We like the Decandent Decaffinated really well. I think that will be a favorite here. Thanks for making sure we are satisfied customers because we ARE Donna & Jeff."

Donna Monroe
Lone Tree, Colorado

"Just the difference in smell when I ground the beans confirmed the difference between the quality of your product and that which we get from the grocery store. I also purchased a 'fresh' roasted pound from a local coffee shop and, while it was good, it was not nearly the same caliber as what you sent me. Thanks."

Graham Faris
Cataula, Georgia

"Hope your day is going well. I would like to be moved to the third week of every month. Thanks again for being so sweet and very helpful! I constantly brag about Specialty Java on my facebook page! I sure hope it helps to bring in new customers. I worked for Boca Java several years ago in Deerfield Beach,Florida in the Customer Svce Dept. I thought their coffee was good, yours is better in flavor, roast, website ease of use and is sold in beans,bulk to the average coffee lover. I'm hooked. Thanks for making the changes to my acct."

Michelle Diamond
Boca Raton, Florida

"We really enjoyed the organic dark french roast and the organic decadent decaf."

Alva Whetton
San Diego, California

"Good job. I appreciate the fresh roasting."

James Seroka
Auburn, Alabama

"good variety, easy ordering, decent prices, arrived quickly."

Linda Andrews
Medford, New Jersey

"Fantastic coffee beans which make a wonderful latte. The flavor and freshness of the coffee reminds us of the wonderful coffee we had in Germany. I'll order more coffee beans when needed."

Linda Schoener
Fargo, North Dakota

"Love coffee!!!! and you do it best!!!!!!!!!"

Rick Hawkins
Taft, California

"The most fabulous espresso on earth! Thanks!"

Ann Esping
Chaska, Minnesota

"Thank you for the great coffee!"

Cherish Kroehnert
Milaca, Minnesota

"I love all your coffees. the aromas drive the delivery lady crazy. But I've had to switch to decaf. I enjoy the NY NY but am looking forward to your new decaf."

Bonnie Cole
Farmdale, Ohio

"I enjoyed the great organic coffee the first time, and can't wait for my next shipment! Keep up the good work!"

Adrianne Hitner
Myrtle Point, Oregon

"I apologize!! I strayed. I was unfaithful. Behind your back I saw another roaster. I paid the price for my mistake. They took me for $45 of undelivered goods and the product I did receive was NOT roasted the day before!!!! After drinking coffee from Specialty Java, I consider myself a bit of an expert...or at least a customer who knows fresh. I will not stray again and Speacialty Java will get 100% of my business from now on!! Thank you!!"

James Oleson
Laurium, Michigan

"Dear Kiry, Thanks again for taking such good care of me and all of my coffee orders. Didn't know if on your coffee product label -- where your web site information is shown if you have your 800 #. I recall is nope. Suggestion, add 800 # to label to make coffee ordering easier especially for those who receive sample and/or don't have internet access but just love your product. Your Fan, Lisa."

Lisa Gregerson
Montague, California

"great fresh smell and lots of flavor."

Bob Wesley
Paradise, California

"Great coffee, and service. Thanks."

Joe Guilfoyle
Dayton, Ohio

"Thanks, that worked great for the shipping. We are really excited about our kickoff next weekend. This little bit of coffee will be for our group only--the internet sales should begin in a few weeks. We are getting positive feedback from all over. Everyone loves the coffee. People that have run out of the first batch are really having a hard time going back to store bought--it's really hilarious. I had to give up the last of my personal stash to our Pastor, who was beginning to get depressed drinking Maxwell House."

John Byer
Grafton, West Virginia

"Love the coffee and this is a great reminder for me to order more, we are a 2 lbs a week household and we have successfully burned through the regular roast/non-flavored already."

Cherish Kroehnertt
Milaca, Minnesota

"I recently tried some coffee from Whole Foods as I ran out of yours and they had the Ethiopian Yergeffe(SP). Not even in your league."

Jeff Rich
Plainville, Connecticut

"This is awesome. I tried my first bag and can't wait to try the other choices. Fresh, great tasting, many choices and all at a reasonable price that those on a fixed budget can afford. I am slowly sampling all the choices to find my favorite. I will definitely be back for more :) No more wondering where I am getting my next bag of beans from. Now all i have to worry about is which one I want!"

"Your coffee is priced where I can afford this luxury and is the best I have found by far. So many choices and they are all sooo good. Plus good shipping prices and fast to. This is the only place I will by my coffee. Keep up the good work."

Christine Waters
Springfield, Illinois

"I have to tell you, I thought the Panamanian was all I'd ever order but this Palacious Estate is out of this world. Thanks for such great coffee and service!"

Deborah Rowden
Siloam Springs, Arkansas

"A friend introduced us to fresh roasted coffee and that was it for us. we have looked for someone local to us to no avail. I spent an afternoon online looking for a roaster when I came across Specialty Java. I read the customer testimonials and had to try it out. You are our coffee connection. we have shared your coffee with many of our friends and have sent them to your site. Thank you for providing a great product at a great price."

Trish Pungi
Green Cove Springs, Florida

"I am looking for a decaf French Roast. I currently blend my FR with a milder blend (using Dunkin decaf) and make it strong. NY/NY blended with natural colombian? [Suggestions] 1) Allow customers to comment on and rate different blends - make the site more interactive 2) Have a quick chart that compares different blends, or allow customer to select up to 4 coffees and generate their own comparison chart."

Don Goeltz
New Hope, Pennsylvania

"We have been going through the coffee like crazy and it's even summer! Thanks for the great coffee."

Shem Wayman
Bluffdale, Utah

"My family really loves your espressos. We've tried the Italiano, Organico and Organico Dark roasts. We use a super-automatic Gaggia Titanium plus to prepare our espressos and were told that when using the Organico Dark roast, to put just enough beans in the hopper so that the beans do not remain more than a day in the hopper. Otherwise, the plumbing of our Gaggia might get clogged. This worked just fine, and we want to order more of the Organico Dark. It was THE favorite of everybody in the family. A question for you: the espresso Allegro is listed as being an even darker roast than the Organico Dark. Will it cause problems for our Gaggia? How does it compare in taste to the Organico Dark?"

Steve Cox
Schoolcraft, Michigan

"best I've found for consistency of roast, quality of beans. thanks again."

Frank Darr
Houston, Texas

"LOVE the Guatemalan - Hope the Guatemala Palacios Estate is as pleasing ! Have referred quite a few people and given away magnets so tey have the web address. My wife has also referred quite a few on all her web logs and forums."

Bruce Brown
Madison, Virginia


Billy Jack Harrell
Johnson City, Tennessee

"So glad I could help name the "new Decaf"!!!! I have been a repeat customer for a long time! I adore your coffee!!!! There is no alternative to fresh roasted, fresh ground coffee!!!!"

Michelle Diamond
Boca Raton, Florida

"Thank you. The coffee is wonderful."

Earl Kemmer
Ocean View, Hawaii

"For the money, your espresso authentico is by far the best espresso my wife and I have ever drank. We have tried brands costing twice as much as yours, but with only half the flavor and freshness!!"

F. Russo
Middletown, Connecticut

"I enjoy all of your coffee and like having the ability to sample new selections before buying a larger amounts. So far, the Peru La Florida Organic is my favorite, but I plan to sample every coffee that you offer. Give my regards to your brother-in-law Tom Engle."

Wayne Petersen
Village of Lakewood, Illinois

"I appreciated your reminder of the holiday closure. It gave me an opportunity to assess my supply and determine when it was best to order. Great Coffee...Great Service!"

Eugene Kriegsmann
Sumner, Washington

"Thanks for the f/u e-mail AND phone call. I perfectly understand. I would like to try the Rock N' Java."

Michelle Diamond
Boca Raton, Florida

"First off, I am not a new customer, have been getting your coffee for several months now. The only problem I have is now I can not go out for coffee, I just can't drink any coffee other than yours. Guess I am spoiled, even Star Bucks is no longer to my tastes. Looks like you have a customer for life.

Gary Whitson
Lincoln, Nebraska

"My wife and I are coffee lovers. Didn't know what we were missing until we went on vacation and had fresh ground coffee. When we got home I got a coffee grinder. Then I got on the computer looking for coffee beans. looked at a lot of sights then I found yours. Which was a great thing. Ordered a couple different kinds New York New York is one of the best I have had. Some of the others were really good also. Placing another order today. Keep up the great work I will be telling all my coffee friends about you. Thanks!!!!"

Joseph Ranger
Saint Helen, Michigan

"Thanks for making coffee such a pleasure."

Shem Wayman
Bluffdale, Utah

"The most important thing for me right now, other than the taste of the coffee itself and consistency of the roast, is being able to buy the same product months and years from now. With Millstone, every time I ordered with them, the coffee I wanted was discontinued so that ain't cool. And now, Millstone was bought out and can't even get the coffee anymore. Hopefully you guys are different? By the way, we're still sampling the coffees so once we make a decision, we'll be making our purchase."

Nadia McGaughy
Hilliard, Ohio

"We are pleased with our grinder, and we find we're using less coffee than we used to because it's so fresh. Now that we know their coffee source, every time we order, we'll be remembering those delicious lattes at Bill and Darla's house!"

Sarah Anderson
Eastpointe, Michigan

"I love the Authentico beans, and I love that I can get them in a large size bag, and pick them up at Mocha Monkey."

Debb Paulson
St. Boni, MN

"Thank you for taking care of us. We are getting a lot of great comments on the coffee and I don't think it has anything to do with half our customers from the Minneapolis area. I look forward to your next shipment arriving."

Paul Haines
Holden Village
Chelan, Washington

"ordered the espresso roasts...............very nice.........actually the best crema of any coffee i have tried yet, and this to me shows that yall know what you are doing and that you are serious. I appreciate that."

James Waggoner
Phoenix, Arizona

"Dear Kiry, Thank you for your email, clarification re the credit card and your kind offer to get my sister, Paula, set up as an account user should she decide to become a customer ~ I'm on it.

I really appreciate your samples. They won't go to waste. I believe in Organic Coffee as a healthy choice / product and now, having discovered an ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING coffee, the choice to change from what I had been purchasing to YOUR COFFEE was an easy choice to make.

Your outstanding customer service and most importantly customer satisfaction, plus product knowledge has won me. Be warned, you will now have my business for as long as I can drink coffee.

I also appreciate your easy going and pleasant personality. I would prefer to call and place an order just for the chance to chat with you. Great coffee, great customer service & satisfaction is all "great" but when you can purchase from someone whom you genuinely like, well, I just can think of a more ideal way to do business.

Looking forward to my first cup of the day ~ thanks again for making it a good one. Wishing you a good weekend and I will look forward to our next change to do business.

Fondest Regards, Your Fan, Lisa Gregerson"

Lisa Gregerson
Montague, California

"Greg Cousins told me about your coffees."

Marlette Helgelson
Owatonna, Minnesota

"The labels look great. Thank you for working that out for me. My church had a conference this last weekend. I served iced cappuccinos. It was very rewarding when people took a sip and turned back to say "that's good!". I owe it to all your hard work finding the best beans out there. I appreciate you. Thanks again."

Lisa Flynn

"Hope this finds you well. Thank you for all the info. I am excited to go on this new venture, I know it will be a success!"

Anpao Buckanaga
Dakota Grounds
Sisseton, South Dakota

"My mailman never wants to give me my order of paradise blend, because he says it makes his truck smell good!!!"

Rich Hawkins
Taft, California

"Everything has been great except our last bag of cookie doodle was punctured. Its not a big deal because it will not be around long :) THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, DAN"

Dan Caporale
San Jose, California

"This was my first order and I was very pleased. Very happy to have found a good source for organic espresso beans. I will definitely be ordering more."

Joanne Hewitt
Midland, Michigan

"Thanks for using SpeeDee Delivery as the consumer can save some $$$.....  Also, is ti possible to try the 2oz. samples of the flavored coffee?? Excellent job and great customer service as usual!!"

James Oleson
Thief River Falls, Minnesota

"Thanks Kevin !!!!!! My customers LOVE your coffee1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad I found you !!!!!!!!!!!!"

Dawn Wagner
Wags N Wishes
Lancaster, South Carolina

"I recently discovered your product. I tried your Organico roast. I'm currently trying your Authentico roast, which is as suggested. (Similar to illy.) Awesome stuff. I'm sure I'll be ordering again in the future. The only suggestion I have is to keep doing what you're doing!!!"

Jason Tolzmann
Shakopee, Minnesota

"I've actually been a SpecialtyJava customer for maybe five years, off and on. I just changed my e-mail address, and somehow I guess I appeared to be a new arrival. Still happy with SpecialtyJava, after all these years. Keep it up!"

Charles Morin
Woburn, Massachusetts

"New burr grinder is working well. Enjoyed NY NY, now on to my favorite -- Paradise!"

Charlotte Sellers
Seymour, Indiana

"Thanks so much for the free sample of Paradise on my last order!! LOVE YOUR COFFEE!!!!"

Barbara McBride
Rogers, Arkansas

"I love this coffee, so glad you let me know you had it again."

Brian McIndoo
Phoenix, Arizona

"LOVE LOVE LOVE your coffee. It is so fresh, great quality, and a great price as well. You should be on Facebook!"

Jennifer Hauser
Hutchinson, Minnesota

"Thanks for great coffee!!"

Mary Ann LaValle
Chaska, Minnesota

"Still lovin' your coffee! One of the ways I know I've received "fresh" coffee is by the "bloom" that occurs at the start of the brewing process. And your coffee always produces nice bloom! Please don't change!! P.S. Love the bags, and love the "fridge magnets" too!"

Dave Charvella
Rochester, New York

"my cousins know you and a friend in our congregation buys your coffee. We LOVE it! - Please send a sample if our order qualifies us. Thank-you!"

Sherry Anderson
Lino Lakes, Minnesota

"Excited to hear that you will be adding more decaf's!!!"

Howard Newkirk
Boyne City, Michigan

"Your simple, quick ordering, and the coffees great. Keep it up!"

Gregory O'Dell
San Rafael, California

"Please send a "Friends don't let friends..." magnet. There are just so many people in the dark about real coffee! Thanks!"

Shem Wayman
Bluffdale, Utah

"I just wanted to thank you for accepting checks. We've really made an effort to eliminate using our credit cards. ...your coffee is the best keeps me coming back. Thank you. Your company makes a difference in my life."

Barb Gambetti
Rhinelander, Wisconsin

"Could you please send the "will work for coffee" magnet. Very appropriate for me right now. Thanks a ton. You guys are awesome."

Mike Horsley
Newport Beach, California

"We'd like to try a sample of your new "Espresso Organico Dark". Thank you for roasting such great coffee!"

Casey Jenkins
Silent Night Cafe
Santa Claus, Indiana

"Keep up the excellent service and great coffee."

Troy Ault
Waconia, Minnesota

"Drinking "Daystar Lights" for 1 year and still lovin' it!! thank you Specialty Java!!!"

Michelle Diamond
Boca Raton, Florida

"You have the best coffee, Keep on keepin' on!"

Troy Ault
Waconia, Minnesota

"Kevin, I greatly appreciate your coffee. It is consistently delicious. I couldn't possibly think of going back to drinking any other kind. Thanks for the wonderful job and great product."

Brigitte Alderman
Minnetonka, Minnesota

"I look forward to every espresso I brew with your beans. Smooth, deep, rich, aromatic. The espresso I brew at home is far better than anything I can get in a coffee shop or restaurant."

Ray McInerney
Laurel, Maryland

"Back again. keep up the great work!!!"

Janice Kisor
Troy, Missouri

"Your Guatamalan is the closest to a Guatamalan Coban that we used to get and lost our local store! A GREAT coffee!"

Bruce Brown
Madison, Virginia

"thank you so much for your help with changing my first order. This is great coffee!"

Wendy Pepper
Middleburg, Virginia

"As always, you folks are doing a great job and provide and excellent service!! I spread the word as often as I can!!"

James Oleson
Thief River Falls, Minnesota

"Very good taste: New York, New York & Sumatra. I haven't tried any others, yet."

Glenda Noble
Waconia, Minnesota

"For the remainder of our "free" espresso, would you send Espresso Organico. We really have enjoyed that blend and wish to continue with that one. I added the decaf version to our order to compliment what we are getting free. Thanks for all your support."

Mary Klimesh
Decorah, Iowa

"Notice new shipping address. Vacation ending soon. We will then use Mi address again. Thanks for following us around the country."

George Jueckstock
Maricopa, Arizona

"Very satisfied repeat customer!"

Alan Greene
Salt Lake City, Utah

"Loving the coffee... thanks for such a great product!"

Daniel Leonard
Jordon, Minnesota

"Beans and roast were excellent. I'll be back for sure."

Pat Flanigan
Fairview, Texas

"Coffee is very good / good roast/ nice blend / great taste/ will get more from you"

Indi Kimsey
Pace, Florida

"I'm enjoying the mocha java blend."

Diane Austin
Appomattox, Virginia

"Love Allegro, cuz I love the darker roasts, but hear because of the oilier beans to making a darker roast can clog grinders. Little concerned, but hate light to med. roasts since I am strictly a strong cappa drinker with lots of micro foam."

Linda Jardee
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Great coffee, paradise my favorite!!!!!!"

Rick Hawkins
Taft, California

"Really love your coffee. We only have it on weekends so we really appreciate the great flavor!"

Germaine Hines

"new york, new york my favorite."

Richard Ludders
Flat Rock, North Carolina

"Great product, will do business again soon!"

Tyler Holton
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"I was recently introduced to your coffee by a friend. We were at his home for dinner. He served an outstanding meal, then, to my tastes, eclipsed the entire meal with the after dinner round of espresso. The freshness and roast of your coffee were evident from the first sip. I ordered your coffee the following morning and has since reordered. The quality is unmatched. The Zip-lock packing is 'icing on the cake'. Your produce is outstanding in all respects."

Alan Greene
Salt Lake City, UT

"I wasn't sure where to begin. I like a medium roast. I was very pleased with my selection. Extremely fresh. It has a very good flavor. I would like just a bit richer flavor. The size of the bag was perfect. It will probably last between 2-3 weeks."

Peggy Hipsher
Iron River, Wisconsin

"This was our second order and we have been very pleased. You've got a great business model. We love the many different varieties, the freshness, and the speed of delivery. The fair trade option is also very important to us. Thanks."

Marc Mike
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"Swiss Almond Chocolate was just awesome and the flavor was just heavenly. Will be ordering again soon."

Sean Maguie
Rifle, Colorado

"There is no better. It is freshly roasted, packed and shipped. Cannot get it any more fresh than that, unless I move next door to them. Incredible smell and quality is yet to be matched. I am addicted."

Richard Krayewski
South Ryegate, Vermont

"Referred by Chris Dolan and I was THRILLED with the speed of delivery and the taste of each variety I ordered is AWESOME! LOVE IT and have already referred to as many friends as possible. Thanks!!"

Sherry Anderson
Lino Lakes, Minnesota

"Making coffee each day is a joy now. For the first time, coffee is robust without being bitter. What a treat."

Joan Swenson
Beaverton, Oregon

"It is awesome! I will be trying many more flavors in the future!"

Natalie Kruger
Owatonna, Minnesota

"My coffee arrived yesterday!! Having some right now(rain forest rhythms) -- tastes great, nice and smooth and sweat :)"

Paul Dupuis
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Just wanted to thank you guys. My recent order was sent back to you courtesy of FedEx. I was disappointed it never made it to me. Apparently it was damaged in shipping and was returned per your instructions. I was getting a bit worried and sadly was forced to buy store brand coffee beans to hold me over. Today you answered my prayers with my shipment. Thanks for your dedicated and excellent service. You have a life-long customer on your hands... Thanks you."

Robert Jones
Indianapolis, Indiana

"I ordered the 14 oz size of New York-New York and Rockin' Java, as well as a sample of Espresso Italiano. So far, I've tried the New York and the Espresso -- both are great. I will definitely order from Specialty Java again."

Melinda Boyd
Waterloo, Iowa

"A friend brought fresh roasted coffee from a roastery in PA. We couldn't believe how good it was so we ordered from them. When the shipment didn't come I called only to find out they don't ship it any more. So I hit the internet and spent hours looking at websites and what was available. I must say when I read all the testimonies from your web site I thought you were the business that I wanted to support. Customer service means a great deal to me. We received our first order of samples and have truly enjoyed the coffee. My husband asked me to order more and try a few more . We are very satisfied with your product and the exceptional service we have received. WE ARE BIG WORD OF MOUTH PEOPLE!!!!!!! We are telling our family and friends. Thank you."

Trish Pungi
Green Coral Springs, Florida

"awesome coffee, and service."

Diane Hofer
Crooks, South Dakota

"The espresso was very good, both for shots and long pulls."

Paul Zarookian
Katonah, New York

"Thanks for your excellent service so far. I'm still trying to decide which of the samples I like best. Taste testing is not so simple, but worth the trouble. I love your zip lock bags."

Mike Sussman
Pembroke Pines, Florida

"Just arrive great smell great taste great product. I will be back!!!!!!! Thank You"

Rick Hawkins
Taft, California

"We have had your coffee before thru other customers. Last year we brought starbucks with us on our winter vacation and our friends had ordered from you. Your coffee was so superior that we just left the starbucks for the next renters. We are not making that mistake this year, its just hard to not open the coffee right now."

Gloria Kortes
Hopkins, Minnesota

"really love the coffee, I will be getting my coffee only from you in the future, I was blown away with the speed that the order was handled. Looking forward to trying a different type of coffee on my next order"

Gary Whitson
Lincoln, Nebraska

"I love the ease of ordering and knowing it was just roasted! And you are very expedient when the order is placed. I know I can order with 1/2 lb left and wont run out of coffee."

Todd & Alicia Henson
Cincinnati, Ohio

"I just received my second order from you last week. A very happy new customer I must say! I just took a few moments to read "The Art of a Great Cup". Very good information. For years, I just thought that I was drinking good coffee. A few years ago I was introduced to a cup of fresh ground bean coffee. Wow, I had no idea how absolutely wonderful a cup of coffee could be. Last December we decided to purchase a very good Kitchen Aid burr grinder, soon after I discovered Specialty Java! Recently I was researching the best way to store coffee beans and found these stainless steel de-gassing canisters especially for storing coffee beans. They have a seal tight lid with a de-gassing valve in the top. I purchased them and was wondering if that would be a better way to store my fresh beans than just an air tight container. I would like to have your opinion on the matter. Thanks!"

Barbara McBride
Rogers, Arkansas

"Thanks again for your continued dedication to your product and your customers. It is rare in our economy today! I appreciate you guys! (And gals). It's a joy doing business with you, when I order, I know I'll get what I ordered in a timely fashion and that it will be exactly like you say it will be. Your Kenyan AA is without doubt the best coffee I have ever had! Keep on doing things like you do! God Bless;"

Rev. Johnny Thompson
Stanford, Kentucky

"btw, I went to Jamaica and your blue mountain is better than anything I had over there."

Mike Ralston
Westminster, California

"Thanks for great deal on the free package of NYNY coffee! I am forwarding this message to at least 5 friends who also love a great cup of coffee. Thanks!!"

Michael Bohl
Castroville, Texas

"Fantastic coffee, freshest coffee I have tasted, fast delivery. Wondering if there are any plans for a �double dark chocolate� flavored bean."

Jeffrey Bogue
Ooltewah, Tennessee

"Jon Hegg from Sioux Falls, SD referred us to you. He raves about your coffee beans, as well as the price. We recently purchased a fully automated Gaggia espresso machine that brews great coffee. We are excited to buy our beans locally, rather than purchase beans from Starbucks."

Brent & Agnes Steffens
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

"Fresh-roasted and fragrant, Paradise arrived this afternoon, and I brewed a cup (non-automatic drip) this evening as I returned to my computer. Wow! Terrific! What a great way to slow down the day and relax. Thanks for the pleasure of enjoying great coffee -- and for placing the order for me when I couldn't! (No need to reply. I just wanted to let you know how good the coffee tastes and how much I appreciate repeated good service.)"

Charlotte Sellers
Brownstown, Indiana

"Excellent coffee!"

Lynn Bruce
Dearborn, Michigan

"Thank you so very much! I will be sure to make grand friends with the driver. I look forward to using your coffee at my shop!"

Dana Itman
Jordan, Minnesota

"Please include your free sample of organic constant cravings. Your coffee is great!"

Meredith Hall
Pine Top, Kentucky

"Just wanted to let you know once again how happy our customers are with your coffee, and in turn how happy you make us. We have had customers on several different occasions recently tell us that "You have absolutely the best coffee anywhere, and I should know, because I travel a great deal and drink lots of coffee."

Debbie Schwartz
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

"We use the Espresso Organico in our Necta Kikko and Saeco Barista Supremo gourmet coffee vending machines and our customers love it!"

Latte 4U
Humble, Texas

"Good doing business again with you guys. Sent some folks your way Kevin and they love the coffee! Hopefully business is booming for you."

Brian Albright
Waconia, Minnesota

"Love your products!"

Eugene Rupp
Lake Orion, Michigan

"Your Panamanian coffee is superb (and my hubby is a chef and pretty picky about his beans). Keep those beans coming!"

Denise Dodd
Floyds Knobs, Indiana

"As always, your product is the best!!! As long as you keep roasting coffee, you can count on me to be a loyal customer. Every variety I have ever tried has never disappointed. I always look forward to receiving my order. Keep up the great work."

Janice Kisor
Troy, Missouri

"Helpful site, great coffee, speedy delivery. What could be better?"

Mike Glassberg
Fresno, California

"Thanks. I have once again been able to look forward to a great cup of coffee."

Coleen Ninneman
Watford City, North Dakota

"My Husband is very happy with his beans and I am very happy with your ordering and delivery process. You have a new customer."

Ana Tris
Miami, Florida

"I was very pleased with my purchase and the quick time in which I received it. I really like that I can try new coffee's with your samples! I don't have to buy a large amount to try something new! Specialty Java is heaven in my mouth!! I will be ordering from you again! Thanks! Keep up the good work!"

Barbara McBride
Rogers, Arkansas

"Fantastic Coffee. I purchased some of the Bavarian Chocolate, very fast delivery, can�t find a fresher bean and the flavor is great. I would like to know if there are any plans to create a double chocolate flavored coffee. I have been purchasing my flavored beans from a local market, I really enjoy the �Death By Chocolate� flavor they offer as it is a double chocolate, although I am not too crazy about the powder flavor it gives to the coffee. Please inform me if any plans are in order."

Jeffrey Bogue
Ooltewah, Tennessee

"Truly loving this coffee! Freshness, aroma, and taste have been great!"

David Charvella
Rochester, New York

"I was amazed by the freshness and quality of the coffee, I used to get coffee from the local dunn bros but after this I will probably stick to specialty java. Thank you."

Asif Hossain
Rochester, Minnesota

"This is truly wonderful coffee and love the taste and smells of the coffee. Its great coffee I use to make my espresso drinks love them! Very happy with the service and shipping and overall web site use!!! thank you!!"

Stacy Lebrun
Airway Heights, Washington

"I have always loved the smell of coffee, but the taste never quite lived up to that wonderful aroma. For years I searched for a coffee that would live up to that aroma. I found it here! The coffees from taste as delicious as they smell! I've made coffee drinkers of people who thought they didn't like coffee at all because all they had ever drunk was the bitter brown water you get when you brew grocery-store coffee. Making the whole experience even better is the professionalism with which this site is run. Everything is easy to find. Orders are filled quickly and accurately. It's online shopping bliss."

Tracey Rains
Sevierville, Tennessee

"Hello Kevin & Co., Just a note to tell you that I just received you Kona sample package and it is past my expectations! WOW� I was already a fan of your company but this is over the top. I will be ordering some more in the very near future. Thank You. God Bless You and Yours over the Holiday Season. Sincerely, Doug"

Douglas Reese
Scio, Ohio

"The grinder is nice and an excellent value, especially with the coffee included."

Joshua Phillips
Minerva, Ohio

"These are wonderful! I got them for a gift for my son in law whole is going to flip! He will love them!"

Cynthia Herington
Royse City, Texas

"Kevin, Thanks for the phone call - I really appreciate you following up and making sure my order was correct. :) We purchase JBM for my father- in-law every Christmas and usually just go with whoever pops up on the google search. However, we ordered from you last year (you popped up!) and he said the quality of the coffee was terrific - couple that with your thoughtful phone call today, and I am done googling for our annual order. You have my business, small as it may be. :) And I will be referring you whenever I can. Thank you again! And have a very Merry Christmas. :) Julie :)"

Julie Roberts
Kennewick, Washington

"I recently purchased (3) of your blended coffees, which is something I rarely do (i.e., prefer "single origin" coffees). I Started with the "Paradise" blend, and just finished the "New York" "New York" blend ... truly enjoyed both! "Velvet Soul " is next, and I hope it will yield the same results as the other two! I don't know if it's my Technivorm brewer that brings out the best in this coffee or, if it's the other way around ... either way, I win! I haven't tried a press pot yet, but that's next. Actually, I decided not to wait, and just placed my second order today ... trying three more blends. If they're as good as what I've had so far, I think you have a "new" customer!"

Dave Charvella
Rochester, New York

"My husband and I really love your coffee! We weren't real coffee drinkers until we tried yours. The fresh and delectably smooth taste is such a treat for us every morning now. I used to go to Starbucks but not anymore. We have tried several varieties, such as NY NY, Smooth Jazz, Daystar Lights and a couple of the organics, and we love them all. Right now my favorite is Daystar Lights. It has a wonderful rich chocolatey finish that I love. Thanks for a wonderful product. I'm spreading the word."

Janice Curlin

"I ordered a month or so ago but did not creat an account. I did now! Best beans our espresso house has ever had! We're hooked! Keep roasting those beans baby!"

Mr. & Mrs. Engel
Chandler, Arizona

"Just a quick note: I had several pots of coffee from my last order with you guys of one called Salvador Bourbon, I think. You'll know when you look up my last order. Anyway, it is some of the best coffee I have ever had, and I am a dyed in the wool "coffee snob." Love it."

James Moore
Rockford, Illinois

"Great Taste. I can't complain about anything from the online ordering to making a latte. Excellent Service, Good Value, Nice Price, Good Packaging... I will be a loyal customer! Nice Work!"

Leilani Lessnau
West Palm Beach, Florida

"I was a bit hesitant to order because my experience with Kenya AA is having it in Kenya. I had found a good source a few years ago but threw out the package and didn't remember the source. I must say that I am very pleased with the product I have received from you and I have written and saved your site. I will definitely be ordering again. I gave some of the beans away as Christmas presents and I included your web site. Thank you very much for a quality product and a very rapid delivery!! Merry Christmas!"

Teresa Thorley
Dover, Delaware

"Bought this as gift for husband. He loved it. Since he is new to coffee world, I wish there was a coffee of the month club or something where he could get a small sample of different varieties to try so he isn't predisposed to always getting the most expensive (jamaican blue mtn) coffee out there."

Kristin Hoefling
Golden Valley, Minnesota

"This is our first espresso machine and didn't know about where to get coffee or what coffee to get. What we've used so far has been outstanding. I'm happy with our coffee and hope to be a long-time customer."

Jerry Legare
Port Royal, South Carolina

"Oh my, I ordered your coffee hoping to find something good--what I got was something wonderful!! The flavor! The smooth taste! The delicious aroma! Heavenly. Thank you for the prompt delivery of a now favorite evening treat."

Sonja Wetzel
Tuolumne, California

"I am really enjoying the coffee I bought."

Brian McIndoo
Phoenix, Arizona

"I ordered the wrong coffee. I ordered beans instead of grounded. so I brought a small grinder. I know the coffee will be great."

Yolanda Jones
West Palm Beach, Florida

"I thought it was good and a good value. I also liked the bag I received it in."

Douglas Lindsey
Wichita, Kansas

"Spoke with Kevin Kapaun several days ago pertaining to a mix-up in a order. Mr. Kapaun was more than concerned and made good on the reorder. I could not have asked for a better settlement to the problem. This handling of the situation by Mr. Kapaun, has made me a lifetime customer of Specialty Java. Cannot offer any suggestions, Specialty Java is a class business, and they seem to get better every day."

Frederick Therrien
DeWitt, Michigan

"I have been enjoying your coffee for a number of years. Do you ever have something like a "sample basket" that could be sent as a gift? Also I never seem to see any promotion codes. Other than that keep up the good work."

Jeff Rich
Plainville, Connecticut

"This coffee exceeded my expectations. I couldn't wait to "show it off" to my friends". Well done!"

Douglas Spence
Crestline, California

"You've done it Kevin. While the beans were grinding, my nose perked up, and I eagerly tamped and pulled my fir