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"It is said blending and roasting coffee is an art. We agree. It is also said some art is liked better than others. To that our clients agree.

The fact is, not all coffee is created equal. If you own, or are opening, a business that sells coffee remember it's the opinion of the end-consumer that really counts. Consider a couple examples.

  1. One of our coffee shop coffee clients was voted by their customers in a CBS/WCCO TV online poll, as the "Best Coffee Shop" in the entire state.

  2. Our own wildly popular Jo Coffee® brand is one of Amazon's highest rated organic coffee brands nationwide with over 5000+ positive coffee reviews and continues to grow over 50% annually.

  3. In just two years, one of our private label clients has grown sales to over 6,000 packages per month on Amazon alone.

In today's world, consumers not only vote with their wallet, but also with their online reviews. Consumers respond to high quality.

Take a look below at the wholesale coffee programs we offer and submit your wholesale inquiry. There is no obligation. Thank you for considering us as your wholesale coffee supplier."

Specialty Java Inc.
Your Wholesale Coffee Roasters

Specialty Java Hand Crafted Artisan Roasting
  • Artisan Roasters: We are first and foremost artisan craft coffee roasters. This is all we do. We are proud members of the professional Roaster's Guild (2016 Roaster's Challenge Winning Team!!!) and the Specialty Coffee Association.
  • Fresh Roasted On Demand: All our Specialty Java brand coffees listed on this website are hand-crafted in our micro roastery by artisan roasters, delivering perfection for coffee shops, bistros, bakeries, cafes, upscale restaurant coffee and office coffee. In our micro roastery, your gourmet specialty grade wholesale coffee is fresh roasted for you on demand then shipped the same or next day!
  • Fast & Free Shipping: Standard Wholesale Accounts (including Standard Private Label Coffee) receive free shipping to mainland states on 25 lb orders or larger (any combo 5 lb Bulk Bags or 8/12 oz CasePaks) to one address. Minimum order is 25 lbs. Delivery is 1 - 3 days to most states. This is the most popular wholesale coffee account for coffee shops and restaurants. (We do not provide drop shipping services directly to consumers on behalf of wholesale coffee clients.)
  • Limited Edition Reserves: Our highly popular Limited Edition Reserves category, offers the coffee shop or restaurant new, unique, and special wholesale coffees every month while retaining your regular offerings. We help differentiate your business for success and appeal to your discerning coffee customers.
  • Specialty Grade Coffee: We purchase only from the top 2% of all Arabica raw coffee worldwide through direct sourcing and through the dedicated team of cupping experts. We do not even sell lower grade coffee beans which are very common to large coffee companies. This is a big reason why we have many thousands of coffee reviews. The highest grades of green coffee do cost more. If your goal is just to find the cheapest coffee in the market we are not a fit for you.
  • Free Private Labeling: Displaying your own private branded product label will promote your identity and bring your customers back again and again. When you private label, we can simply replace our label with your custom private label, so it is branded to your business. We offer full color graphics labels and over 25 bag color options for free private labeling, with low minimums at wholesale coffee prices. We also include free USDA Certified Organic registration for any required private label organic items. And no set up charges!

    If you
    want to supply us with fully branded custom pre-printed coffee bags for use in your roasting & packaging runs, we recommend Roastar.com for start-up brands.

    If you need a logo and label designer
    for our free private label coffee branding, you can find outstanding talent at low rates at Fiverr.com from graphic designers all over the world.
organic decaf coffee
  • USDA Certified Organic Coffees:

    An organic strategy could differentiate your
    coffee shop or restaurant against the "Starbucks" of the world. Organic coffee is the fastest growing segment of the specialty coffee industry.

    We are a USDA Certified Organic facility. Certified Organic coffee is also NON-GMO. You should know if a roaster cannot produce their official organic certificate you cannot legally offer certified organic coffee in your business.

    Our Espresso Organico is one of the highest ranked pure organic espresso blends by the world's foremost coffee expert, Kenneth Davids. Ken is the "godfather" of coffee cupping and proprietor of CoffeeReview.com. We sell this exact same organic espresso on Amazon called "Jo Espresso" under our Jo Coffee brand. It has risen to one of the most popular organic espresso on Amazon.  Search on Amazon for "organic espresso" and you will see it at the top!

  • Fair Trade Certifed Coffees:

    Fair Trade is a way to make a conscious choice for a better world. A choice for Fair Trade Certified goods is a choice to support responsible companies, empower farmers, workers, and protect the environment. In other words, it’s a world-changing way of doing business.
  • Swiss Water Process Decaf Coffees:

    We also offer a Swiss Water Process Certified Organic Decaf Coffees and Espresso. Swiss Water Process uses the elements of water, temperature and time to create some of the most intriguing decaf coffee. Swiss Water Process removes caffeine in a gentle, 100% chemical free process until the coffee is 99.9% caffeine free. Our No Fun Jo Decaf, sold under our Jo Coffee brand, is one of the most popular decaf coffees on Amazon.


Wholesale Sampling Policy
Jo Coffee®: One of Amazon's Highest Rated Brands
  • Our Jo Coffee® certified organic brand is one of Amazon's highest rated organic coffee brands. With over 5000 positive coffee reviews it is a phenomenal success on Amazon and is continuing to grow very rapidly nationwide. Go to Amazon then search on "organic coffee" to see for yourself.

    Our Jo Coffee® product line is simply ten of our exclusive Certified Organic coffees, fresh roasted for you, then packaged with our Jo Coffee® label. Click here to download the cross mapping list.

    We offer ground, whole bean, single serve and special-order ground portion pack formats.

    For a Cafe, Bakery, Bistro or Restaurant coffee, we recommend our 2 lb packages offered with very competitive wholesale pricing for Wholesale Bundled Cases and includes free shipping. No account is needed for online purchasing by credit card on JoCoffee.com.

jo coffee

  • For retailers and grocery stores, we offer immediate direct store delivery for Wholesale Bundled Cases of retail size Jo Coffee packaging of our 12 oz bagged whole bean or ground coffee plus our 12 cup cartons of single serve for Keurig K-Cup® 1.0 and 2.0 brewers. No account needed for online purchasing by credit card.

    We also provide free Jo Coffee® branded signage for eye-catching in-store display for new clients on their first 12 case minimum order. Customization with your own business identification is available.

Wholesale Sampling Policy
Wholesale Coffee Programs & Minimums
  • Specialty Java Brand - Standard Wholesale Account:  Our Specialty Java Brand is produced in our smallest artisan, hand-craft micro roastery, described in detail above. Orders (any combo 5 lb Bulk Bags or 8/12 oz CasePaks) will be produced then shipped within hours during weekdays. Retail prices are displayed online on this website by default. Discounted wholesale prices and additional volume discounts for Specialty Java Brand - Standard Wholesale Accounts will only display for minimum 25 lb orders, after we approve your account, allowing your to order directly online. Standard Wholesale Accounts come with free shipping and free private labeling.

  • Specialty Java Brand - 5 Day Wholesale Accounts:  Our 5 Day Wholesale Accounts are the exact same coffees as our Standard Wholesale Accounts. Also produced in our hand-craft micro roastery this account includes free private labeling but with very significant cost savings. The difference is this account requires 5 business days lead time for production, has higher 60 lb minimums (any combo 5 lb Bulk Bag or 8/12 oz CasePaks) and pricing does not include free shipping. Retail prices are displayed online on this website by default.The 5 Day Wholesale Account is ideal for coffee business that have larger volume and are good at planning ahead. The incentive is to order larger, thus minimizing your shipping costs per unit. Discounted wholesale prices for Specialty Java Brand - 5 Day Wholesale Wholesale Accounts will only display for minimum 60 lb orders, after we approve your account, allowing your to order directly online.

  • Jo Coffee Brand - Bulk Bag Wholesale Accounts: Our Jo Coffee product line is ten of our exclusive Certified Organic coffees, fresh roasted then simply packaged with the Jo Coffee® label. Account terms and pricing are exactly the same as the Standard Wholesale Account and 5 Day Wholesale Account listed above. Click here to download Jo Coffee Wholesale Account overview and the coffee mapping list.

    Ground portion packs are available for restaurant and office coffee environments.

  • Custom Wholesale Wholesale Accounts: We offer a wide variety Private Label options, packaging materials, package sizes, ground coffee fractional portion packs, filter packs, single serve for Keurig K-cups and pods, and multi-pound bulk bags. Best suited for well established distributors, large grocery stores, large retail, large online resellers, corporate office coffee service, or multi-store high volume restaurants/hotels seeking wholesale coffee.

    Minimums range from 120 lbs per SKU to 600 lbs SKU, depending on your specific packaging format requirements. Startup brands, without an established strong distribution channel, are usually not a fit for our larger scale production.

    We offer private label single serve, K-Cup® Fresh Seal Cup recyclable packaging (including 2.0 compatible) for large volume (4800 cup minimum per SKU) private label production runs. K-Cup® 2.0 compatible packaging requires a large investment for your custom branded materials printing, development costs and printing setup plate charges.

    If your existing business
    meets the larger volume account minimums please call
    1.888.586.JAVA to discuss your business plans.

Wholesale Sampling Policy

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